Thursday, August 16, 2012

More Woodstock from the Fringe at America Magazine

How can anyone keep their mind from wandering from the fifty-year-old drivel?

Two sentences into every paragraph, I check out.

The crucible of being one's own divine source: Insanity.


Maria said...

It is impossible the read this sophomoric ididocy withour falling asleep. It has soporific properties ;) I think true Hell would be forced reading of America Magazine editorials or James Martin's commentary on the state of the Church, ad infinitum ;)

Maria said...

It is impossible to read this sophomoric ididocy without falling asleep. It has soporific properties ;) I think true Hell would be forced reading of America Magazine editorials, or James Martin's commentary on the state of the Church, ad infinitum ;)

Anonymous said...

According to Catholic World News ( ), America magazine is also serving as the launchpad for a USCCB strategy to trat the Republicans and Democrats on an equal basis in the upcoming election:

Bishop criticizes Democratic, Republican parties, calls upon Catholics to transform them

CWN – August 17, 2012

Bishop Richard Pates of Des Moines, chairman of the Committee on International Justice and Peace of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, writes that the political “parties’ retreat from the ideological center has left Catholics with the understandable, but unfortunate impression that their only political option is to choose a side and join in to win the culture war. The resulting toxic acrimony has long since seeped into the Church. Catholics must reverse this trend.”

“To their credit, Democrats have for at least a century recognized that government has a legitimate role in helping the poor and vulnerable,” he says. “But these days Democrats more often grab headlines through their efforts to redefine marriage or by trying to determine which Church activity is ‘religious’ or by attempting to force Catholic institutions to provide employee health coverage for sterilizations and contraceptives, including abortion-inducing drugs.”

“To their credit, Republicans for the last 50 years have opposed the abortion-approving Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade and have espoused family values,” Bishop Pates adds. “But Republicans now make headlines by advocating the slashing of federal programs, including those for the poor, and proposing anti-immigrant legislation.”

He continues:

The idea is that Catholics should work within their parties to change them, creating a diverse and substantial group motivated not so much by ideology but by challenging cultural issues, large and small.

This is easier said than done. The bishops are asking Catholics to raise uncomfortable issues in sometimes exceedingly hostile environments. Many Democrats have worked strenuously since Roe v. Wade to purge dissenters on legalized abortion from party ranks. They have succeeded to the extent that pro-life Democrats find themselves in a no-man’s land, often reviled for their views and distrusted by pro-lifers because of their party affiliation. More recently, Republicans have sought to purify party ranks of even the slightest variations from party orthodoxy. Republican candidates and legislators espouse increasingly hard-line positions punitive to immigrants and cut disproportionately programs that help the poor.

“Latino Catholics provide some hope,” he adds. “With strong pro-life, pro-family sensibilities and pro-poor and pro-immigrant views, they defy easy classification. They could transform either party that welcomes them and their concerns–a model for other US Catholics.”

Additional sources for this story: Bishop Pates: In This Together: How Catholics Can Overcome Partisan Divisions (America Magazine)

TTC said...

Wow. The trash that comes out of that magazine is a gift that keeps on giving.

Catechist Kevin said...

"My friends and I have worked for many years for renewal and reform in the Catholic Church. We took heart from the Second Vatican Council, the 1976 Call to Action Conference..."

I stopped reading right there, Carol, and scanned the rest.

Dear Lord, have mercy.

Call to Action? Really? Voice of the Faithful? Can you say dissent?

The man wonders what is happening to the "American Catholic Church"? (which, has *nothing* to do with the Catholic Church in America, I digress, but maybe that is part of the problem)

Maybe, Professor O'Brien, some in the Church finally realized that the Church primarily exists for the salvation of souls... hence, we're talking *eternity*.

Sadly those who read (and, apparently, write for) America, Commonweal, U.S. Catholic, and the NCReporter seem to be focused primarily on the temporal.

Maybe many Catholics in the "American Catholic Church" finally figured out that our Blessed Lord's words in Mt. 25 - housing the homeless, clothing the naked, giving drink to the thirsty, giving food to the hungry - may... [gasp!] May (primarily?) mean to give them spiritual sustenance as well!

You know, giving the lost sheep the Holy Truths of the faith. To actually tell somebody, who may be living in perpetual mortal sin, that their salvation is in jeopardy.

To evangelize a protestant who cannot understand why their particular faith tradition in the last 50 years now teaches that abortion, euthanasia, same-gender "marriage", fetal and ebryonic stem research are all suddenly okay (although many "American Catholics" who want to "change the Church" have no problem with any of the above).

Is it really so hard that O'Brien cannot see this?

He closes with the VOTF "mantra" to "keep the faith and change our church."

Got news for the good professor - it ain't our Church!

It is the Lord's Church and Sacred Scripture says He does not change (Heb. 13:8). Since the Church is the "pillar and bullwark of the truth" (1 Tim 3:15), and she is wedded to our Blessed Lord (Eph. 522-30) *she does not change either* (on issues of faith and morals.. which is what the good professor probably wants).

May our Dear Lord have have mercy on the students this man is teaching at Dayton.

(rant/off, Carol)


Maria said...

Thank you, Kevin. America Magazine is nothing but a propoganda machine. Could someone please advise our Bishops that God did not call them to be politicians? My Lord, but it is tiring.

Hardon had this to say about the "new age" movement. It certainly seem also to apply to all of our friends who believe salvation is predicated upon the the eradication of poverty:

"...the New Age Movement has so deeply infected, as I should say, the Western world is because the Western world, unlike the Oriental world, has become very materialistic. Preoccupied with things that you can touch, taste, feel, see, experience with your body. The Western world needs a reformation. It needs to discover that there is a real world that you cannot touch, taste, see with your bodily eyes, or hear with the bodily ears. The real world - God is very real, God is God, does not have a body or extension in space, or size or weight. There is the angelic world, which is, as we say purely spiritual. Each angel is an individual person. Each of us, we believe, has a spirit; our souls dwelling within us. We believe this spirit, our soul, continues living consciously after the body dies."

Sometimes I think that the Vatican should dissolve the USCCB and forbid media contact so that they might discover once again that they were call to be priests and not politicians...

breathnach said...

America magazine is nonsense on stilts. The same tired formulas proposed in order to mirror the Episcopal Church.

The Marxists who gave "liberation theology" to Latin America succeeded in driving Catholics into the Pentecostal churches. The cultural Marxists and post- modernist nihilists, who dominate the ranks of the dissenters, are preparing a similar program for America's Roman Catholics.

TTC said...


You know what it is?

All they ever hear is platitudes. When they meet somebody who puts God and the salvation of souls before their fragile self-esteem, they start talking like James Martin.

People have been sucking up to them for so long, telling them their poop smells like roses, they actually believe it!

Maria said...

I hadn't thought of this. They must not be accustomed to gals like me, Carol. I think I am the only person banned at In All Things. One of my buddies tell me it is a badge of honor to have been so exiled ;)

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.