Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pilot Coverage of LCWR Swanky Event

Nothing about the pagan ritual and nazi salute, but three lovely paragraphs about the screwball speaker.

The St. Louis gathering was the first time the organization had assembled since the release of the April 18 Vatican assessment, which said reform was needed to ensure LCWR's fidelity to Catholic teaching in such areas as abortion, euthanasia, women's ordination and homosexuality.

Barbara Marx Hubbard, the main speaker Aug. 8, essentially told the sisters to embrace the notion of change and growth reflected in biblical passages that speak of rebirth and "making all things new."

Hubbard is an author, speaker and educator known for promoting a view called "conscious evolution."

It must be a coincidence they avoid explaining what her creepy pagan ideas actually mean.

She was led into the assembly, as were the next day's panelists, by a sister playing chimes and other sisters swaying and waving colored scarves.

She urged the women religious women seated at tables of eight in the dimly lit ballroom to recognize that life comes out of chaos and through particularly difficult struggles.

Dimly lit?

A safety policy for the hotel staff in a "seed bed" of 50 shades of crazy?

Hubbard pointed out that although she is not Catholic, she was drawn to the work of the sisters and called them "the best seed bed I know for evolving the church and the world in the 21st century."

Does anyone know if the paper copy had a picture of Hubbard's Westfalia shaped like a spaceship?

BTW - This is the first picture I saw of Hubbard from the side. Is she with child?

Our Boston Chancery crew was so captivated by the LCWR gathering, it merited a second article.

I didn't know Archbishop Carlson wore glasses.

If nothing else, it brings great comfort to know these are Obama/Biden's go-to Catholics.

Maybe this would be a perfect halftime show at Cardinal Dolan's Al Smith Circus?

It is a suffering to open the newspaper operated by our Cardinal and read half-truths and willful distortions of what transpired at the LCWR Conference.

It certainly condones Hubbard and her, quite literally, insane "belief" that a new species of human beings will be born on December 21 on the internet, where they are all going to 'co-create' a race of human beings and the rituals that took place in that room.

The Cardinal is selling the ideas of a lunatic in his newspaper.

We have seen seven years now of the Cardinal's passive-aggressive promotion of dissent, the dismantling of 2000 years of Catholicism, the erection of the antichurch and his assistance, nudges and winks to the revolution of communism led by his buddy Fr. Bryan Hehir.

His tenure here has been a full blown disaster. In every conceivable way.

Pray for us.


Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

What Las Vegas show did they get that scarf dance from?

TTC said...

The flying Elvises?

What sane person wouldn't run like the wind when these 80 year old belly dancers swinging pumpkin scarves came down the aisle?

TTC said...

Picture yourself being a Cardinal and weeding out all the insanity of the substance of Hubbard to give these daffy women credibility with your flock?


breathnach said...

"BTW - This is the first picture I saw of Hubbard from the side. Is she with child?"

If she is, I very much doubt it is a human child.

"Marx Hubbard", aptly named. She clearly has been influenced by Karl Marx, with all this gibberish about an evolving humanity, akin to the "socialist man" that old Karl was sure would evolve once the capitalist superstructure was demolished.

And then there is L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology. L Ron sure influenced this bird. He insisted that he could found a religion based on sci-fi and he did. The LCWR's favorite speaker sure has plenty of willing followers who have thrown off anything resembling Christianity. The Vatican needs to disband the LCWR so they can follow their guru.

"She urged the women religious women ... to recognize that life comes out of chaos and through particularly difficult struggles."

I've recently been watching old episodes of Babylon 5. This is the ideology of the alien race called "the Shadows", a dark force spreading destruction throughout the galaxy. We are dealing with a real deep thinker here. This dime store Nietzschean claptrap wouldn't even pass muster with Jim Jones or Heaven's Gate!!!!

TTC said...

An individual who wrote a manifesto for the no-isphere (?), somewhere around December 21 of this year, not only with the no-isphere get its collective eye, but it will go telepathic.

Get it?

You see, if enough people are infusing it into the conscienceness of love, wholeness and creativity, we are not just an attitude, but at a certain point, we are an awakening. It’s like when a new born baby panics when it runs out of oxygen, it can’t breath, its out of its mothers womb and if it gets enough holding and love, it breaths. We are at the point of conscience co-creation. It’s going to happen in every structure.

Is this gelling for you? Because you too can be agents of conscience revolution in the telepathic no-isphere.

It was compelling enough for the Cardinal and the folks running the Archdiocese of Boston to distribute it to Boston Catholics. Maybe this is the prudential judgment coming out of Monsignor Deeley’s yoga classes.

What gets me is, they were clever enough to leave out the substance so that the Romans would remain blissfully ignorant.

Maria said...

I watched the Exorcist last night. I love the scene when the Jebbie shrink asks Fr. Marin if he doesn't want to hear about the different personalities. Fr. Marin says: "there is only one". The 'demon is a liar. He mixes truth w/ lies and seeks to confuse". Here you have the LCWR.
Maybe in the not too distant future we will once again see real men who who know how to be real men, as in men who understand it is time to shut down "dialogue" and the LCSR, for good.

Maria said...

Whoops. LCWR

Catechist Kevin said...

Why is it when I see that photo it brings to mind an image of a bad video to the tune of "We Are the World"?



Maria said...

lol, Kevin, lol! Apart from the embarrassment, they are doing such damage to the Church.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

What is with these silky wispy things they all like to wave around?