Friday, August 31, 2012

Vote for Mickey Mouse

Over the course of the last week, a number of pro-life Catholics have articulated they are not going to vote for Romney/Ryan in November.

Most are intemperate gadflies, but several Catholics I deeply admire and respect have expressed their reservations, particularly after Romney said he 'supported' 'health of the mother' abortions.

Real pro-lifers know that the 'health of the mother' is the excuse used in most if not all cases of elective abortion. The thoughts of mothering a child of the man the woman is sleeping with brings "situational anxiety" which then "threatens her health". It is BS. (If you are interested in reviewing Church teaching on situations that legitimately threaten a mother's life, this is a great resource.)

Everyone reading here for any length of time knows what I think about the Mittens. Mittens has convictions. When people don't like them, he will get new ones. Stupid things come out of his mouth because he doesn't have the slightest idea what it's all about. He is just saying what is politically expedient and right now, it is politically expedient for him to be pro-life. IMO, he is not a proabort, but our experiences here in Massachusetts are not edifying.

Consequently, I admit, when I first read his 'health of the mother' reference,I had to run to my emergency supply of temperance, do some praying. What came to me was, this is not the time for the Mittens to be inconsistent. He's going to stick with the platform because that is his ride to the White House. He just not that into it and will recant. Which he did. Ryan really has the momentum of the agenda of the administration and that agenda is zealously pro-life, Christocentric, patriotic.

There are only two people who have any chance of being the POTUS and one of these individuals is a religious bigot who is taking out his hatred for the Catholic Church with a vengeance. Many souls will be tempted to surrender their salvation to feed their family. He is helping the taliban overthrow countries and slaughter Christians. The sovereignty of our country teeters at the edge of destruction. He spent four years creating race and economic riots. He thinks women are whores that require free pills -- IMO one step above female circumcision. He is immoral. Amoral. Despises Christ.

There is no contest here on what our responsibilities are for our children, for our countrymen and for the salvation of souls.

With Romney/Obama polls neck-and-neck, it is positively irresponsible to promote sitting this election out or throwing your vote into the toilet.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Romney "misspoke" when he said that he favors abortion for the health of the mother:

TTC said...

When you don't have any idea what something is about, you do a lot of misspeaking.

Kelly said...

OH my gosh--here we go again! Didn't we learn LAST TIME what happens when Catholics start messing around?? OY VEY.