Saturday, September 8, 2012

Caroline Kennedy's Convention Cockadoodle Doo

Anyone have any idea what it was all about?

As a Catholic woman she takes reproductive health seriously and she is terrified that Daddy's legacy of civil rights are being rolled back. Her daughters and everyone's daughters can't screw around with irresponsible men because they don't have 10 dollars to purchase their own abortifacients.  

What antichrist gave her the impression immorality and murder was a Catholic reproductive health issue?

She doesn't even have the decency to speak openly and honestly about ripping children apart until they are dead.    Incredulously, she uses the word 'reproduction'.

Here's an excellent comment on the article:  It's a oxymoron. How can you reproduce what you kill..

Let me tell you something else.

The urban legends around Daddy's legacy are greatly exaggerated. To the best of my knowledge, the man never said anything about subsidizing the sex lives of immoral women or murdering children as a civil right.  Not one word.

How on earth could her Bishop not immediately and emergently schedule a 'dinner' and let her know the peril she is in and is leading others into?  Try to persuade her to confession.  If she refuses, explain to her that she should not present herself to Communion.  Because she is NOT in communion.   Tell her if she ever uses the Crucifix to sell immorality and murder as the manifesto of the Catholic Church, he will publicly excommunicate her and correct her misguidance and scandal.

The misfeasance and malfeasance of the shepherds is profoundly disturbing.


Karen said...

In fairness, we do not know that the bishop is NOT doing just as you mentioned. We would never know unless Caroline made it public herself. Prayers, prayers and more prayers for strength and courage for our shepherds!

TTC said...

Karen, you are right. But this is not her first time at the rodeo. If they have been doing their duty and she has continued to hijack Christ's Crucifix to sell immorality and murder, it is the duty of the shepherd to make the public statement - as Bishop Tobin for his sheep in Rhode Island with Patrick.

Do you really believe two generations of this family has been corrected and have steadfastly defied the guidance of their own religion?

You'd think at some point, the lights would go on for at least one of them in 50 years. As a general rule of thumb, when a party has been pastorally corrected, they get their panties in a twist and flee, as Patrick did. That is the course of the Prodigal.

I join you in prayer...

Anonymous said...


I think it is safe to assume that her Bishop has not spoken to her. If he had, and she is now obstinate, her Bishop would be obliged to invoke Canon 915 and prohibit her from receiving the Blessed Sacrament.

Karen said...


I am hoping that her bishop will see this as an occasion to speak to her where he may not have felt he had enough in the past. It certainly was a blatant enough 'error' of Catholic doctrine in a very public venue this time around!


What has happened in the past and what hopefully may happen in the future can be two different things. The allure and power of the Kennedy dynasty appears to be waning, so maybe now there will be less fear of retribution. Again, we can always hope! Meanwhile, if there is any silver lining to the past treatment of the Kennedy's, it is actually a direct result of Ted Kennedy's funeral and the way it was handled that ultimately led me to your blog. I was looking for validation that what I was feeling about his funeral was also what other faithful Catholics might have been feeling. For me, it really opened my eyes to problems in the church that I hadn't really understood prior - and I'm still on that journey with no turning back now!

TTC said...


You are right. Her misguidance of hundreds of thousands of souls, using the Crucifix, was so blatant it just may have woken up the dead in the Chancery. I'm going to make a phone call to the local pastor in the parish here in MA where the Kennedy's go to Mass when they are visiting their family home in Hyannisport. I don't know how often Caroline visits, but the pastor there is solid, last I knew, and was the individual who accompanied Ted on his spiritual journey during his last days.

I have always thought Ted's letter to the Pope indicated that he was told and he surrendered. I wouldn't say the letter had the perfume of remorse but rather, resignation. A knee bent to Christ and His Church.

The whole thing is profoundly sad. It actually brings me to tears. This good family, led so far from truth and allowed to mislead so many of Christ's elect. (Not to mention the poor morons!)

We're so glad you found us here. The state of affairs inside of the Church can only get better. hahaha.


StevenD-Jasper said...

"How on earth could her Bishop not immediately and emergently schedule a 'dinner' and let her know the peril she is in and is leading others into?"

Since she is dangering other souls this should be a public denoncement. This woman has been lost for a long time.

TTC said...

Bingo. I think you nailed it for me Steven. It's too late for private conversations. It is not all about her because she has made the public witness. Over and over again. She is getting bolder.

Maria said...

The Society of Jesus is responsible for the faithlessness in the Kennedy clan. They led them down this road, beginning w/ Hyannisport and the abortion "compromise". There will be hell to pay for these Jesuits one day. Literally.

breathnach said...

Maria, absolutely regarding the S of J. However, the roots of Kennedy apostasy go back to old Joe and his enabler Richard Cardinal Cushing. Ol' Joe had bags of $$$$ that were very useful to his pal "Richard". Joe literally passed bags of $$$$ to him upon request,in exchange Dick was very accommodating by making Catholic doctrine very pliable.

One example, Bobby was very concerned about the inroads Father Leonard Feeney was making at Harvard (late 40s). He had scored a number of elite conversions. Bobby expressed concern to good ol' dad. Joe put "Richard" on the case and things moved very quickly, including the ultimate Vatican discipline of Father Feeney. I'm not a Feeneyite, but I find it interesting how the case was dealt with.

Of course later on Cardinal Cushing called in "progressive" Jesuits to tutor and smooth the way for the Kennedy apostasy. But I would place the main responsibility on the unfaithful Kennedys themselves.

Andy Kastone said...

I must say i was as flabbergasted as Bill O'Reilly to hear that "as a Catholic woman" truly stupid nonsense come out of her mouth. He Aunt Eunice and Grandmother Rose are no doubt turning over in their graves to hear one of their family say something so stupid. Caroline, the word is, is not very bright. She does not have her father's intellect at all.

TTC said...

Andy, did you ever see the video of her interview where the poor woman says 'you know' 168 times? The runt of the litter.