Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fr. Unni's Unhealthy Obsession with Promiscuous Sex (Redux)

Last week, I received an email about a post I did a few weeks back on Fr. Unni's unhealthy obsession with promiscuous sex. Guess what? It's all been a big ole misunderstanding!! When we listen to Fr. Unni or read Fr. Martin and Joan Chittister, we are not cracking their code. We all have comprehension problems. Read on: Dear Carol, Thank you again for your robust defense of the One True Faith. Normally I would let this go, but I heard through a friend that you came up Fr. Unni's homily last Sunday. Unfortunately, I don't know many specifics other than he was pretty upset with you. Curious as ever, I saw the most recent bulletin with an article from Fr. James Martin, SJ. Pg 12. It seems to be a rebuttal to you: http://www.stceciliaboston.org/bulletins/2012/bulletin.pdf I don't understand how this is helpful to the promotion of true Church teaching. Why must Fr. Unni hide behind Fr. Martin? I went a few times to St. Cecelia's years ago but ran fast with the invalid matter and congregation going around the altar during the consecration. Any good that is happening there is clearly undone by Fr. Unni. It is very sad. I just thought you should know about this. Sincerely in Christ, Heh. Why yes. I am glad to know about this. Indeed I am. It solves the mystery of 20-minute episode of ear ringing last Sunday! Over the years, I've tried to address Fr. Unni's moonbattery directly with him. I've called him, emailed him, asked him in person to meet with me. He never calls back to make arrangements. If I didn't know any better, I'd think he was intentionally avoiding informing his ignorance. He doesn't know how he's promoting promiscuous sex? Give us a break. Maybe this will help: Unlike every other Catholic parish in the archdiocese, Fr. Unni welcomes adulterers. St. Cecilia's is infamous host of adulterers Pride Mass immediately following the Adulterers Pride Parade. Greeters from the Scarlet Letter ministry pass out free tickets to a an evening with a special guest who'll speak about the sacramental grace of being an adulterer. Fr. Unni isn't promoting promiscuous sex betwixt the adulterers he recruits with this agenda. Why, heavens no. That allegation is preposterous.

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Anonymous said...

And there is a shocking bulletin article in their bulletin this week! How do they het away w this stuff???