Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fr. Unni Publishes another Looney

I'll bet you thought the definition of a Catholic is, a person or persons who are Baptized, Confirmed and actively taking part in the Sacraments of the Catholic Church.

Not according to Fr. Unni.  Fr Unni published an article that says every religion and all people are Catholic.  

That's right.  You see kath means throughout and holos means whole.   This means that there are no boundaries.

The wizards at America Magazine found the proof of all this in a short parable in the Bible where Jesus likens the Kingdom of Heaven to a woman who makes bread.   Yeast is added to flour and it is found 'throughout the whole'.   The dough builds up.  It becomes one with, mutually benefits from and contributing to the life of the bread.

Therefore, it isn't necessary to be Baptized or participate in any other Sacraments:  nobody is outside of the Catholic Church.

Get it?

You see, yeast is non-colonial.  In its own organic way, it inculturates and accepts the ingredients it finds in itself.  It celebrates the diversity it finds in the flour.

Isn't this enlightening?  

Stupid me.  I didn't even know yeast had a brain.

There are bad church leaders who see things in the world that are a threat to Christianity, who exclude those who don't fall in line.     But people who teach these things - like Christ and 2000 7
years worth of Popes - they should be excluded because they're not needed.  They are outside of the whole.

Fr. Unni has done (and published) a lot of kooky things but this one takes the first place blue ribbon.

When I was finished reading it, this Catholic was thinking about another hole, where this piece of trash belongs.


susan said...

evil, evil, evil!

Galatians true now as it was then.

O stupid Catholics, who has bewitched you?.....well, that's pretty rhetorical....we know the answer, don't we?

TTC said...

Evil is a good word for it.


If I were responsible for this man, I would get to the bottom of this man's obsession with selling mortal sins and if I couldn't, I would take him out of commission and put him in a place where he was supervised 24/7.

Something is terribly wrong.

Left-footer said...

Hmm.. It seems Fr Unni has read and misunderstood my post -

"Ha! Now I’ve got it! If Catholic means the same as
Universal, everyone, atheist, agnostic,
Practising and lapsed, burbling and rational
Is Catholic. No problem!"

Irony never was the liberals' strong point. Perhaps Fr Unni would respond to therapy? May I suggest the Torquemada Institute?

God bless!

TTC said...

Chris, I really wish they would stop ordaining heretics or if they want to continue ordaining them, at least have enough zeal for souls to stop giving them a parish full of Catholics so they can feed them apostasy.

Hope things are well across the big pond!

Left-footer said...

All well here in Poland, where Catholicism is normal, but not so in Britain, alas.

TTC said...

Britain is in trouble but I am glad the faith is being preserved in Poland. Didn't the Blessed Mother at Fatima or one of the other approved apparitions say Poland would be preserved?

Interesting times.

TTC said...

btw - Suzy, I loved the word bewitched. It's so accurate. You read this stuff and you wonder how anyone in their right mind would find it anything but truly nuts.

When you think about what Fr. Unni is asking people to believe...

There's yeast in the bread which then rises up and accepts the oatmeal and honey so that means everyone is a Catholic and the Popes who hold onto Baptism and the Sacraments to define who is in and out of the Catholic Church are in error.

You'd have to be bewitched to find a pearl of wisdom in that insane premise.

Anonymous said...

And I thought you'd get all worked-up about the bulletin for 29th Sunday!

TTC said...

Last week's teaching, "if you are immoral, unethical, a rapist, a murdering tyrant, only God knows if these things are bad, you are a good Catholic" belongs in there is a sucker born every minute category. God does not give what is holy .to the dogs.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Leaven has no positive association with anything in Scripture. Rather, it's associated with spiritual pollution (see 1 Corinthians 5). If St. Paul meant it that way, and St. Paul was a first-century Jew before his conversion, then we can safely assume that Christ Himself meant it that way.

I would love to know how much and what kind of Scripture study Fr. Unni received in seminary. For that matter, I'd love to know what kind of Scriptural analysis priests and bishops generally receive in seminary.

breathnach said...

Father Unni and the sacred Deposit of the Faith go together as much as Lindsay Lohan and sobriety.