Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hillary Clinton's Emails on Libya

Seeing the evidence that both she and Obama lied to protect and apologize to the terrorists is kinda creepy. Photos of Chris Stevens being dragged from the embassy indicate he was beaten to a bloody pulp at 'the hospital' This is not smoke inhalation:
I don't understand why or how people are ignoring this scandal and instead sniveling over big bird, binders and bayonets.


Andy Kastone said...

We are dealing with professional liars. No matter what fact you confront them with, they have anticipated it ahead of time and have a talking point ready to go. Now they are acting as though no one really "knew" what was going on, "fog" of "war," etc., even though it was observed in real time - - as was the raid on Bin Laden.

The other creepy thing is I have never once seen Obama display any anger that Stevens and these other Americans were murdered. Zero. Same with Hillary. Can you imagine Reagan acting so diffident? Bush? Even Clinton?

Dymphna said...

A large chunk of our population cares about their "free" abortions, birth control and government check and that's it.