Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mourdock on rape, abortion and God's will.

Hysteria has enveloped Richard Mourdock's comments on rape, abortion and God's will.

 We can be victims of other people and have stuff happen as a result that has absolutely nothing to do with God’s intentions.

 God doesn't intend for a drunk driver to hit us anymore than He intends for women to be raped to conceive a child.

 But even in terrible tragedies, we can find ourselves with a pearl – something good, a gift – in spite of it all.

 When it comes to a life, a Catholic, no matter what the circumstances accepts it – can’t snuff it out, can’t help others to snuff it out, tries to encourage them others not to. It’s actually Marian dogma. Mary, a single woman accepts life from the author, even though she knows she will been seen as a liar/whore.

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