Thursday, October 18, 2012

Prayers for our brother Dinesh

Our brother Dinesh resigned from King's College earlier today after allegations that he shared a hotel room with a woman he allegedly referred to as his fiancee.

Can't have one of those if you have a wife.

When it comes to matters of the heart and eros, we can sure do some dumb things. This one is a whopper.

If you read the original story HERE, the sensation story doesn't strike me as unbiased good faith sources.  Somebody offered to drive them to the hotel.  Instead of pulling up to the door and letting them get out, the super sleuth parked the car and hung around the lobby watching them.   Kind of creepy if you ask me and unless you are standing beside them as they check in and you hear the conversation, how would you know if there was one room or two?   Then noseynellie showed up at the buttcrack of dawn to watch the elevators.   Kind of creepy if you ask me.

Then the next thing you know, they call the newspapers and allege that as their grabbing their undergarments and running out of the hotel, Dinesh called a lawyer and sent him up to the courthouse to file for divorce.

Something smells, yet, it appears he does indeed have a fiancee.  A 29-year-old fiancee.

A word to the wise.

If you're the keynote speaker at a Christian Conference (or even attending one) and you have a wife:

Do not bring, introduce nor enter your comfort suite with your fiancee on your arm.  The thousand people attending the conference are going to be devoted to salvation and are not always as stupid as they look.

If you are Catholic and struggling - in every circumstance, seek a priest, a confessor, hang on to Sacramental Grace.

Dinesh has responded HERE.

He said he has been separated for two years, met his fiancee several months ago and has been working on the divorce.   He said he didn't know getting engaged while still legally married was frowned upon in Christian circles.    That's a tough one for me, but I do buy into most of his explanation.     He says the people involved in this tabloid story have an ax to grind because they were cut loose from King's College.

I pray that he, his family, the woman and all those affected find their way to Christ's merciful arms where He heals and makes all things new again.


Kelly said...

Here is a statement he put out.

I have no idea what is true, but thought I would just show you this. He strikes me as an intelligent man, yet this statement is kind f disjointed. :/ what a wearing world we are currently living in. I am writing this as the Al Smith dinner goes on. sigh.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

So let's see... D'Sousa releases "2016" which is highly critical of Obama. This is the same Obama who, during the primary for Illinois State Senate, engineered the disqualifications of all his opponents. Coupled with the fact that many are watching "2016" right before the election, I'm inclined to take this "news" with copious grains of salt and to believe D'Sousa's denials of the accusations.

Kelly said...

Sorry for the typos--kid 8of disjointed

and wearying world.

I am exhausted.

Kelly said...

I hope you are right. And I still made typos in my corrections. sigh.

TTC said...

Kelly - thanks for posting this. I will add it to the post. The poor man. I am puzzled by his assertion that he never knew he couldn't be engaged to a woman whilst still married to another woman. Not sure I subscribe to that one but I buy into the rest of his explanation.

The part about the two of them running out of the hotel room while summoning the lawyer to run to court to file divorce on the same day was far fetched.

Janet- I thought for sure he was under scrutiny because of the film but it sounds worse. Sounds like a couple of Christians with connections to King's College with axes to grind destroyed everyone's lives.

This is the last kind of behavior you'd expect from Christians and Catholics with ministries but as God is my witness - this is 75% of how too many of them spend their time.

Kelly said...

Not to say at all that to flaunt sin, especially as a public person, is a good thing; but. I was an evangelical for many years before my conversion, and one thing I know goes on is the micromanaging the lives of the brethren. (Do you have sin in your life, sister?) It took me several years AFTER my conversion, with the help of the presence of Our Lord and our Church, who allowed me through Her doors before I had my life in any way straightened out.

One would think Dinesh would be a bit further along in his Christian life, considering his position. And not knowing about being engaged, etc etc...weird.

But what do I know? My prayers for him and his poor kids!

TTC said...

Kelly, interesting background on the micromanagement. Catholics micromanage dissent which is often misconstrued or mischaracterized as micromanagement of a more personal nature.

I was afraid to do the diligence on whether he has children. Do you suppose that along with not knowing Christian circles pooh-pooh getting engaged while married to another woman, he is unaware that having a 29 year old new mommy on his arm would devastate his children?

Kelly said...

He has one daughter. It's sad.

I guess I identify with people who get into that kind of trouble.(a long and thankfully way-in-the-past story) But I made some big blunders- and my then-church instructed the congregation to have nothing to do with me. Most of them obeyed that to this day. I don't think they knew how that affected me. :(

I really do pray he comes to his senses. I guess God had to get his attention...I hope he got it.

breathnach said...

It is very disappointing that such a prominent public intellectual would blatantly scandalize the Christian community. We are talking about a fellow who debates atheists (C. Hitchens comes to mind)in public forums, where he announces from the rooftops his adherence to Christian principles and public morality. I don't doubt that there is plenty of maneuvering going on behind the scenes. I understand Marvin Olasky was passed over for the Presidency of King's College, and he is not a fan of D'Sousa. Still this a whopper of either complete idiocy or a narcissist who thought he could get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, pray for Brother Dinesh and his fiancee or mistress:

Big Love at King’s College: D’Souza’s Mistress Was Also Married

Submitted by Josh Glasstetter on Thursday, 10/18/2012

On the heels of a sex scandal, Dinesh D’Souza announced his resignation today as president of King’s College in New York. D’Souza, star of the nonsensical anti-Obama film 2016: Obama’s America and defender of traditional marriage, was recently caught cavorting with a much younger woman while still married to his wife. And now to make matters worse, it appears that his mistress was also married.

Last week, D’Souza blasted President Obama for undermining traditional values. Now we know D’Souza is so traditional that his love life comes straight out of the Old Testament.

D’Souza, who told Christianity Today that “he did not know that Christians generally do not approve of engagements prior to divorces being finalized,” is engaged to Denise Odie Joseph II (sic) and married to his wife. What’s good for the gander is good for the goose, apparently.

Denise Odie Joseph II was known as Denise Odie back in 2010 when she was in law school. She created a new Facebook account on December 30, 2011 under the name Denise Odie Joseph II and said she got married that day:

Two days later, she posted a photo of herself with her husband:

On her blog – entitled “I, Denise, Lust After…” – she described herself in April as Mrs. Odie Joseph. The following month she wrote, “I was already going to vote for Romney because my husband told me to.”

In the “about me” section, she called herself a “conservative bloggette” who believes that “women should be the moral guardians of their homes.” She also called herself a “strong believer in the concept of Republican Motherhood.”

She also posted a photo of herself sitting at her desk, which features her wedding photo:

As others have noted, one of the things that she lusted after on her “I, Denise, Lust After…” blog was D’Souza, one of her “favorite conservative activist philosophers.” And as Brian noted on Tuesday, she shares D’Souza’s right-wing views and has strong words for liberals about marriage, divorce, adultery and cohabitation.

Anonymous said...

More prayers for Brother Dinesh (Doesn't that sound Evangelical Protestant?):

Never or ex-mistress--or still fiancee (although "on hold)?

He says that he "suspended" not terminated the engagement; I guess "until the storm blows over" or his (or their) divorce(s) is/are finalized

TTC said...

She got married in December,has been dating Dinesh since July and somewhere in those three months they became engaged.

Could be he didnt know getting engaged to another man's bride is frowned upon.

I would scratch him off the wedding list?