Thursday, October 25, 2012

When does God's will, rape and pregnancy collide?

CNN really does not employ the sharpest tools in the shed.

When does God's will, rape and pregnancy collide?

Same as every other situation on earth.   Every time a person harms another human being or themselves.

The rapist collides with God's will.   The collision can be a single accident if everyone whom the crime touches strives to surrender to the will of God.   In the extremely rare circumstance when the victim conceives, the collision can turn into a pile up.

Every woman in an unexpected pregnancy who becomes distraught and contemplates abortion seeks help.   When well-meaning family, friends and professionals, instead of helping the woman come to terms with God's will under the circumstances, they collide with God's will when they instead, give her the crappy advice to kill another human being under the veil of 'helping' her.

The victim collides with God's will when she makes the decision to kills the child.  Then she involves the doctor and all of his employees who assist in murdering the child.

It is a burden - a terrible burden to absorb the blow of such a horrific crime.  But the rapist can succeed in doing much more damage to the victim and those who get dragged in the hell of aborting a child conceived.    Righteous people who know and see are not going to take the bait.

May God Bless Richard Mourdock and all those who are shedding light into the darkness.

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