Sunday, December 9, 2012

Feast Day of St. Juan Diego

I love his story. He was a migrant worker who rose every morning to walk 15 miles to daily Mass in the 1400s. Our Lady asks Juan to deliver a message to the bishop. Can you imagine how many other things she tried before taking this drastic measure? Our Lady is subtle. We, her children, those who have recourse to her,can sense her presence, gentle warnings and guidance. Peace is disturbed in a room where there is a danger. It's a bit like you can't find the oxygen. Your animus mysteriously picks up the amber alert. I wish I paid attention to it more at that stage. I usually try to overcome it. Bring happiness, joy and peace. But, it never feels quite right. When we don't respond, the Queen of the Angels dispatches a more less subtle messages and messengers. In the dead of Winter, Juan dropped the rose petals he carried in his tilma onto the floor in front of the patronizing bishop Here you go dude. Build the Church. He was unaware of the miraculous image. These kinds of things are less miraculous than Transubstantiation and all the mystical things that happen during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Just the same, when something mystical manifests physically and materially, it's unexpected and a little shocking. We can imagine the 'whoah' moment. The Church was built in which this beautiful treasure hangs. From Blessed Pope John Paul II:
Happy Juan Diego, true and faithful man! We entrust to you our lay brothers and sisters so that, feeling the call to holiness, they may imbue every area of social life with the spirit of the Gospel. Bless families, strengthen spouses in their marriage, sustain the efforts of parents to give their children a Christian upbringing. Look with favor upon the pain of those who are suffering in body or in spirit, on those afflicted by poverty, loneliness, marginalization, or ignorance. May all people, civic leaders and ordinary citizens, always act in accordance with the demands of justice and with respect for the dignity of each person, so that in this way peace may be reinforced. Beloved Juan Diego, "the talking eagle"! Show us the way that leads to the "Dark Virgin" of Tepeyac, that she may receive us in the depths of her heart, for she is the loving, compassionate Mother who guides us to the true God. Amen.


Left-footer said...

Thank you so much for this story and quotation and prayer. It has brightened up my day.

God bless!

TTC said...

Thank Chris, kind of you to say! Blessed Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.