Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I said do ya speaka my language?

Could this be a Christmas miracle? People who have a role in public life and the media have a crucial role in forming public opinion. If we're going to evangelize people, we need evangelists who teach the true teachings of the Catholic Church.

Amen to that. I know the Cardinal sincerely believes this needs to happen. What then is the problem with its execution? Do you think they know how to roll out that plan? Maybe they really don't know why their machines are spitting out apostates? I'm dead serious. For years, my grandmother's blood sugar was out of control and she would, deadpan, tell us she had no idea what was causing it.
“There are just not enough legislators who favor life,” he said…
When your chief fundraiser for Catholic schools happens to be the chief fundraiser for training and electing prochoice politicians, is the Chairman for the largest provider of abortions, the people paying money to hire teachers no likey hiring teachers who are faithful to Church teaching.

 They hire teachers who teach Catholic children it's ok to be sexually promiscuous, sleep with irresponsible and immoral men and women, use contraception and avail themselves of abortion and fundraise, promote and elect politicians who promote these values.

When those children grow up, they become politicians and journalists, teachers and priests and the ideas they were taught by the Cardinal's employees shapes public opinion.

Get it?

If you want faithful evangelizers, you have to employ teachers and employees who will faithfully teach the true teachings of the Church. Appoint a cabinet and advisors whose public life are evangelizing the true meaning of the sanctity of life in politics and journalism. And more importantly, in education. Draft mandatums and ask teachers to sign and execute them. Fire them if they don't. Implement Ex Corde Ecclesia.
 In the media realm, Cardinal O’Malley said that Catholic media can also be a bridge to open relations with people in the secular media because “they speak the same language.”
See the language'these pictures speak? When the Cardinal's bridge to open relations with people is THIS he's going to have a communications nightmare with Catholics who speak the language of the Romans.

 This isn't rocket science.

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