Saturday, January 12, 2013

Biden is leading the charge to solve the problem with gun violence?

Having Biden lead this charge is a bit like appointing the Khadashians to protect the country's children from irresponsible and licentious men.

 You've brought the problem into the house.

 You've taught children the voices they hear in their own heads are teaching them truths.

 You've taught children that women are ishtar, freedom is chemical sterilization and marriage and mothering children is slavery.

 You've taught them giving value of human life is a choice and they have the freedom to dispose of people who may burden them.

 You've robbed them of God, grace, truth, virtue, empathy and taught them the pursuit of their own gratification is love. Even if it leaves people dead.

 They are living the dream.

 The "problem" is the fruit of teaching children that freedom comes from immorality and killing at will.

 It can only be fixed if we admit what 'the problem' is, teach them God is the author of life, truth and salvation.  The 'silver bullet' Joe Biden and others cannot see is abandonment of the culture of hedonism, pointing them to God and His Truths, encouraging them to live by it.  Embracing the culture of life.

They have taken leave of their sanity.  Some of them are on a permanent vacation with their bag of pills and their maladies will be the death of us all.   At least that's the story according to the Book of Revelation.

 What a circus it is to watch the various characters spin their folly.

 Send in the clowns to spin the mental and spiritual maladies with the constitutional right to defend ourselves and our children from their violence and tyranny.

 There has to be clowns. Well...maybe they're here.

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