Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What to do when a priest is all alone in the Sanctuary

Here's a fun piece for of us who breath a sigh of relief and pray the Holy Sacrifice:

  Quick thinking parishioners rush Altar to assist lonely priest.

 I am so grateful for the refuge of priests and parishes where one never has to worry that something disrespectful or scandalous could happen at any moment.

I'm getting spoiled.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Many years ago I used to attend weekday noon Mass at a liberal parish. The pastor would invite the congregation to join him around the altar during the Consecration. Only two of us would remain kneeling in our pews. One day father had enough of our reverence. After the other sheeple joined him, he mocked us from the altar. We both knelt our ground, shall we say. Given that, I've no reason to believe that blog post was mere parody. In my case it was reality.

Lynne said...

and I witnessed, just a month or two ago, the Salesian priest who invited all the children around the altar during Consecration (it was a 'family' Mass). It's not a parody if it really happens... :-)

M said...

I've seen that done at a First Communion, with all the children brought up to circle the altar. This was not a disrespectful priest, but one over from another country and apparently unsure of his ground. (The deacon and DRE brought the kids up.) I felt sorry for the confused priest.

TTC said...

LOL - yeah, its definitely done. When I was ignorant, I actually led a group of teens to do it myself when I was doing youth ministry. LifeTeen was all the rage and in my innocence, I had absolutely no idea that the priests had derailed.

Some kind and faithful Catholic informed me that what I was doing was wrong and explained the reasons why. Horrified, I went to the priest who turned into a raging bull and said the person was lying. I called the Chancery - because I wanted to know - and someone there had the fortitude to be honest.

btw - it's getting hard to tell out there, is this one real or sarcasm: