Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bishop Finn Reminds Catholics that The National Catholic Reporter isn't Catholic

Duly noting that the characters at the National Catholic Reporter were asked to remove the word "Catholic" from their publication close to 50 years ago, their stories are increasing in scandalous content, they refuse to return phone calls - he reminds Catholics to avoid their publication.

 Please cover him with your prayers.

“I have a responsibility as the local bishop to instruct the Faithful about the problematic nature of this media source which bears the name 'Catholic.'” He says that he remains willing to discuss the issue with the Reporter staff, but as things stand, “I find that my ability to influence the National Catholic Reporter toward fidelity to the Church seems limited to the supernatural level.”
Not much reaction at the swamp. 

A quick review of this week's edition demonstrates the reason why Bishop Finn's phone is ringing off of the hook with concerns and complaints.

I'm wondering if they're going to try to lead a formal schism.

A 91 year old kook from the Society of Jesus explaining a theory that the Holy Spirit "began" at the Second Vatican Council and everyone knows ecumincal councils can lead to schisms.  Things are just starting to pop and he's hoping to live a few years to see it.

Here's an article written by a diocesan priest on the "Real Presence".  Maybe you better not read this one.  His despicable instruction on the "Real Presence" isn't the Eucharistic Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ, the 'real presence' is them - the people all around us.  The 'mystical body' doesn't exist.

This priest has a parish in Renault, Illinois?  Frankly, I have more tolerance for the priest who was selling drugs and sex toys.   The pedophiles are less dangerous to children and families.

Here's another article on the Mick on the make leading the eejits astray in land of my ancestors. 'Well educated Catholics' know more than 'veiled Roman enforcers' who do not have a grip on 'modern theology'.   They have cracked the code of the hierarchical structure of the Catholic Church:
hierarchical form that was adopted from the hierarchical cosmological view of the universe and expressed in secular kingdoms, including the Roman Empire, whose provinces and proconsuls provided the model for laying out the governance of the church.

The Roman Empire was a train wreck, lady.

There was a big economic collapse and then Nero torched it to the ground to build himself a bigger mansion. The fire got out of control and he blamed the Christians whom he then crucified and fed to the lions.  Then everyone in charge of governance committed suicide ahead of a mad mob.

Oh boy, this could get ugly.  You don't suppose we'll see Joan Chittister and the Nuns on the bus coming up our driveways in iron pants with hungry lions?

You don't think this could be real, do you?

I digress.
In other words, the succession is a function of the collegiality that Pope John Paul II so energetically suppressed with the help of the present pope when he was head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. It is not related to the hierarchical form the pope is trying to revive throughout the church. should be recognized as a harbinger of the kind of problem that sure-of-their-infallibility Vatican authorities will encounter in their relationships with the rising generation of theological scholars, most of whom are laymen and women who will not accept condemnations such as that now imposed on Father Flannery. ...Flannery's condemnation is an augury of the deepening estrangement that will take place if the Vatican does not respect the growing theological understanding of its members.
Flannery said the crackdown is coming from the CDF and he has been threatened with excommunication.  That would make the second priest featured by the National Catholic Reporter.

Wouldn't it be a crying shame if the apostates leave their posts in religious education and pastoral councils?

 As my grandmother used to say... Here's your hat. What's your hurry?

May God bless and protect this Bishop for distancing his sheep from this pathetic movement.  They have come out of the closet with their agenda and they are tipping their hand on the what's next.

 But wisely, the Vatican has shot a flare across their bow of priests who do not believe in Apostolic succession. Bye-by room in the rectory. Bye-by three meals a day. Bye-by insurance. Bye-bye checky.  At the end of the day, they may not believe in the Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, but they're going not going to put themselves into the position of having to get a job.

I'm sorry I'm feeling so cynical.  Please pray for my tolerance to asshattery.

I saw the 1951 movie Quo Vadis last weekend. I wondered how the people in a nation could ever rise to that level of such butchery of their fellow countrymen, women, children.  I saw Les Mes again this week with my daughters and duly noted that in both films, the people being oppressed sang a song as they were being massacred.

Maybe we should start thinking about a theme song.

This should be in the running:
 Bread of Angels, made the bread of men
The Bread of Heaven puts an end to all symbols
A thing wonderful: The Lord becomes our food Poor, a servant, humble
We beseech Thee, Godhead One in Three
That Thou will visit us as we worship Thee
Lead us through Thy ways,
 we who wish to reach the Light in which Thou dwellest.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I probably agree with just about all you've said here.Although I didn't click any of the highlights. I'm sometimes just too tired of asses. But how really could you say "more dangerous to children and families than pedophiles? How could you say that?

kd said...

In Carol's defense I do believe loosing one's Soul is more dangerous than anything in this World, Anything!

TTC said...

Pedophiles are the worst kind of criminals in my opinion, especially ones that use their vocation of a priest to recruit children for thier sick sexual preferences. Pedophiles are sexually attracted to innocence and purity and the goal of their libido is to sexually conquer the innocence of a child. Once it is done, they move on to another. In between victims, they fuel their twisted and evil appetite with pornography.

They are extremely dangerous persons but in a way that is dangerous like a murderer. You can live next door to a murderer, walk by one, work with them, and even sit in the pews or become a priest - but you are only in danger if they have targeted your flesh for destruction. Murderers can injure, slash, shoot and even kill you but your soul is not in danger. His or her soul is in danger.

A pedophile, especially a priest, is a more dangerous to souls than a murderer, but nowhere near as dangerous to souls as an the Fr. Unni, Garrity, Martin and the cast of characters at the National Catholic Reporter.


TTC said...


When a pedophile picks a child victim, he is inviting the child into the world of evil - so there are effects upon the soul of that child. The effects of the pedophile's sin is like smoke that penetrates the air of the community. The family of the child is most affected by the smoke as they deal with the emotions of rape of their child. The emotions of the community can also be affected - the realization that the Chancery ordains and then fails to supervise priests.

I could go on and on with how the emotions in dealing with priest pedophiles can lead to sin but beyond the child and the family, souls are not endangered.

There are plenty of people sitting in the pews who reject the teachings of the Church and their souls were sick to begin with, who compound that illness by running to the scene of the fire and breathing in the smoke of sin. They see an opportunity for their agenda to pursue their attacks on the teaching of the Church. But again, these effects are willful pursuits of an agenda that really had nothing to do with the rape of a child. They are ambulance chasers who had a sick soul to begin with.

The pedophile is a suffering from personal sins and people have a chance to run from the fire or to it of their own free will.

Why are the Fr. John Unnis, Fr. Garritys, the Fr. Bryan Hehirs, Fr. John Martins and the characters at the National Catholic Reporter more dangerous to children and families?

Their sole public agenda is to pervert the souls of the masses. They jockey themselves into positions to give people the tools to disconnect the soul from God and connect it to the voice of the devil as their protocol for making choices for the rest of their life.

The destruction is thousands fold in numbers of souls they can defile. It has the power to destroy generation after generation of a soul who sat in their pews or read their propaganda when they were suffering with a temptation.

Please let me know if I have not explained this to your satisfaction. If you are wondering, others may be wondering too and this is important stuff.

TTC said...

n.b. You may not like this statement either - but it is the truth:

For the reasons stated above, the appointments, support and protection by the Cardinal to priests like Fr. Unni, Garrity, Fleming and others is far worse than their coddling and protection of the pedophiles.

They are robbing hundreds of thousands of people of their salvation. That is something a pedophile or a murderer has no power to do unless you surrender it to them of your own accord. (A child does not have the skill or experience to escape, they need the help of the adults who instead choose to use the situation to attack Church teaching or take fists fulls of cash in exchange for their silence.)

TTC said...

kd - thanks. It's a hard for people to grasp the damage of these men and women - and their enablers in the Chancery and sadly in the Roman Curia. But what we are saying is not the least bit exaggerated.

Anonymous said...

Calling Fr. Unni worse than a pedophile is calumny. You may not like his theology, but what you're saying is sinful.

TTC said...

You've got some nerve. You're not even man enough to sign your name to manipulative assertions. What I am speaking is the truth.

I went to great lengths to explain why Fr. Unni is more dangerous to children and families than a pedophile and why the coddling of priests like Fr. Unni by the Cardinal and the people in the Chancery is worse than the coddling of the pedophiles.

These men are in the business of salvation. You can't see or understand the magnitude of their evil because you have an agenda.

Anonymous said...

to TTC, Perhaps I missed your larger point. End of day tired I was. I will read the post again. Sorry if I concluded wrongly.

TTC said...

That's ok.Saying a priest who is perverting souls is worse than a priest who would rape or even kill you - that is not my own personal opinion. It is the theology of the Catholic Church and comes directly from Christ.

Anonymous said...

That's true. Jesus would recognize Fr. Unni as worse than a pedophile in a heartbeat. All that crap about helping the poor & God being loving & forgiving would really piss Jesus off.

TTC said...

You are deluding yourself. The social justice of a priest slaying souls is of zero value to Christ.

TTC said...

Every dictator from Herod to Hitler fed the poor. Paul Shanley fed the poor.

It is a legend in Fr. Unni's mind that feeding the poor mitigates the souls he is leading into hell with his nonsense.

When Christ told his Apostles to feed his sheep, He wasn't talking about food for the stomach.

Jack O'Malley said...


You preach the True Faith far more eloquently than any "presbyter" or even "cardinal" that I have heard in this archdiocese.

God bless you and keep up the excellent rhetoric in defense of the Faith. You are a modern day Chrysostomos (the Golden-mouthed).

PS. The word "rhetoric" has come to have a pejorative sense, but to those who adhere to the classical norms, rhetoric is the art of the cultivation of verbal eloquence in defence of truth and virtue and the good. It is decidedly not mere sophism or even Jesuitical casuistry.

TTC said...

Jack, Thank you for your support and your prayerful blessing. I love your explanation of the word rhetoric.

I'm kinda hoping when the dust settles in the 'reconfiguration', they will structure the leadership and catechesis in such a way that Catholics in Boston will be taught their religion and nothing but their religion. Then, we can shut down our blogs and clean out our cellars and closets. If you know what I mean!

breathnach said...


Kudos for pointing out that "social justice", a once profound phrase that was rooted in the social encyclicals and the mind of the Church, has become a cant term of the ideologists. No one said it as profoundly as Dostoevsky: "Doing good without God is diabolical".

Anonymous said...
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TTC said...

Quotes from buddah or any other false or pagan god explaining the reasons why Fr Unni can lead thousands to their spiritual deaths but giving out sandwiches pardons his gross negligence, misfeasance and malfeasance will not be hosted here. Christ doesn't have an exchange program for priests and in fact never ran social service. Nor did his apostles before or after Christ's Death. Running programs for the poor instead of serving Christ was Judas' idea. We all know how that panned out.

The man is a menace to the salvation of souls. His service in the soup kitchen isn't worth a wooden nickel to Christ.

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, do you know Fr. Unni? Seriously. What kind of a man is he?

TTC said...

He isn't a man. He is a priest.

Anonymous said...

Are priests not men? I do believe him to be a man. Last I heard, the sacrament of Holy Orders does not turn a man into an angel or a eunuch.

TTC said...

What is your interest in his gender?

If you came down with the pneumonia and went to a doctor and he pretended he didn't see your illness and hauled you off to the soup kitchen, that is called malpractice.

Worming his way out of the malpractice by saying he helps the poor, or asking me what 'kind of a man' the doctor may be is skullduggery.

TTC said...

Fr. Unni is a priest. His job is to teach you the theology you need to understand the difference between right and wrong, sin and virtue and administer the Sacraments to keep soul in a state of grace.

Fr. Unni's malpractice needs to be addressed by his superiors. For the sake of Fr. Unni's soul and the sake of souls coming and going from St. Cecelia's.

Fr. Unni is not alone in this diocese and certainly is not the worst example in Boston - but he is nevertheless, among the treacherous.

TTC said...

Did you know that even pedophiles are charming? That is how they get their supply. Fr Unni uses charm to get adoration from you and to keep the wizards in the Chancery protecting his gross malpractice.