Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The National Catholic Reporter Responds

You just knew they would.

They have an explanation.

Bishop Boland blessed their building and spoke at their 40th anniversary.  (Was the prayer of exorcism said under his breath as he splashed Holy water?)

Sister Rita Larivee once had a cordial meeting with Bishop Finn.   (Cracking the secret code of social graces and handshakes)

They report on Church matters, including the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.  (So does the Washington Post)

They report and comment on people who call Church teaching into question.  (The Pope)

Are you ready for the clincher?

They are a member of Catholic Press Association (CPA) which is listed in the Catholic Directory and whose honorary president is the Bishop Chairman of Communications for the USCCB.  (This could be their future protocol for apostolic succession)

The article originally said the CPA was 'sanctioned' by the Bishops but the CPA contradicted Tom Fox and NCR by explaining they are most certainly not sanctioned by the USCCB and furthermore, the status of membership of the National Catholic Reporter is going on the butcher block at their meeting on February 21st.   (I'd love to know what sparked that)

Fr. Z has graciously designed their new banner.


Lynne said...

They must have a Facebook page. I wonder how many folks like it? I'll have to check that out when I get home...

M said...

Hi Carol,

I know this post is about the National Catholic Reporter. But I wanted you to see this other post about VOTF. After all, these two groups work hand-in-hand. I'm sure VOTF members read the Fishwrap, too. Both now support women's ordination. And VOTF parishes...

Here's the link to the Holy Souls blog:


TTC said...

Thanks M, this was a pleasure to read.