Sunday, January 6, 2013

Westward leading. Still Proceeding. Guide us to Thy Perfect Light

Rise up in splendor, Jerusalem! 
Your light has come,
the glory of the Lord shines upon you.
See, darkness covers the earth,
and thick clouds cover the peoples;
but upon you the LORD shines,
and over you appears his glory.

Nations shall walk by your light, and kings by your shining radiance.

Not much to add to that one, is there.  It is all so clear.

The teachings of the Church are your friend or your foe.   When our own desires contradict the teachings of the Church, this is where the rubber meets the road.  This is where the choices are made as to which star you follow.

There are many priests and even bishops whose messages lead away from God.  What they say and don't say mislead their flocks into believing the teachings of the Church are their enemy.  They rise to shine like a star to proclaim they are your comrade against your foe:  Christ's Church.

Their pews are filled with people who want their desires and addictions to be given the gas they need to continue.

The Boston Blogging Community has made a New Year's Resolution:  The creation of new blog which will name these priests and parishes which are to be avoided all together.   The supernovas who are spiritually abusing.

 This is something the Boston Catholic community of faithful has been requesting for quite some time.

The list is not a short one, but it is about half of what it was five years ago.  It will be a handy tool for our esteemed luminaries in the Chancery who are reconfiguring and consolidating our parishes.

The objective for this is to have a public resource for families who wish to avoid having their children misguided and misled.    Many, if not most Catholics naively think that if a Cardinal or Bishop has appointed a priest to a parish, what the priest teaches, says and does is approved Catholic teaching.    They mistakenly and tragically believe that Catholic Bishops would never appoint a pastor who lead children away from Christ and Catholic teaching.

Parents find out far too late, after much damage has been done, that this is simply not the case.

The timing of publishing this information in Boston is also an important part of an objective.   Our esteemed luminaries at the Chancery are reconfiguring the hierarchical structure of what constitutes 'a parish'.  In a nutshell, a parish will include several Churches in several towns or cities and will have one pastor over its head.

Ergo, the timing of publishing this information is the fervent wish and expectation of Boston Catholics that the priests who have been misleading Catholics be excluded from a list of appointed pastors.   (More on this initiative later.)

Inevitably, some gadfly will come along to tell us that the effort will be received as a threat to the power of a Bishop and their reaction will be to deliberately appoint these priests.

Many a Bishop to whom the truth has been spoken has protected the wayward with this Tom Foolery, believing they are penalizing the whistleblower.

To avoid such commentary in the peanut gallery, nobody involved in the project gives a flying fig what the Bishop does with the information.   Once he has it, our mission is fulfilled.  If he chooses to deliberately mislead souls - that onus is on him. Good luck to him.  The victims of his canard will one day walk over the skulls of men who use their power this way.

Pastors choose and control resources for education.  They control the quality and substance of books, teachings, philosophies, sources and uses.  They control the prayer and devotions.  In the absence of a system to discipline and if necessary remove priests who are a menace to the salvation of souls - in this time and place in history, the information needs to be published.

This follows St. Paul's clear instructions.

You'll find the following parishes (among others) on the upcoming published internet source:

St. Cecilia's - Boston
The Paulist Center - Boston
St. Anthony's Shrine - Boston
St. Ignatius - Chestnut Hill
Holy Family - Concord
Our Lady Help of Christians - Newton
St. Catherine of Siena - Norwood
St. Mary's - Randolph
Our Lady of Sorrows - Sharon

There will also be a section about priests who are misleading Catholics on the internet.

Priests like Fr. James Martin, whose latest instructions for a clap-clap hap-hap happy new year has some good advice to get your giddy on.

Say please and thank you.
Kick your shoes off and relax.
Extend your neck upwards so you can see the color of the sky.
Pay attention to the taste of your cereal and juice in the morning.
Pray just a tiny bit.

You might try hot booties, too.  I received a pair for Christmas and would recommend them for people avoiding repentance and the Sacrament of Confession who are agitated from the state of their souls.

Giddy up.

God help the poor people who suffer the indignities and injustices of priests who make themselves the guiding light of deliberate ignorance.

What do we call the poverty stricken people whose light is the solace of Frosted Flakes and manners.

What's the opposite of wise men?


Lynne said...

Excellent news about reporting on the bad parishes. I'm sure these (and others) will howl.

Father Martin's article was also on Huffpo (I saw a link on FB because I never go to Huffpo). It was rather vapid...

Maria said...

Carol: This is such a GREAT idea! Fr. Hardon is smiling in Heaven :)
I think think should be organized.

Lynne: Fr. Martin. Is there a priest more lost in America? LOL.

"We are living in the most organized society of human history. As individual Catholics, we can do something, but we can never cope with the massive de-christianization of our nation unless we organize our forces. It must then be a cooperate and a corporate faith as organized Catholics who band together, and I use the verb deliberately, who band together, as in the best Ignatian tradition. He was a soldier before he was converted. The enemy is organized and even, listen to this, the revealed word in the Gospels, for the organization of the evil spirits, plural. Who remembers when the devil, being driven out of a possessed man, was asked to give his name? What name did he give? (“Legion.”) What’s Legion? It’s the Latin word for the Roman army. Are we clear? Oh, what pious fools we can be, pardon the vocabulary. As though the organized forces of the evil spirit can be met by individual, scattered and often disunited forces for Christ...

Something must be done; there is no option. The Catholic laity must be organized. Never in the history of the Church’s legislation have the laity been more extensively and more deeply given directives – not only to what they may, but what they must do.

First, by the Second Vatican Council. In two thousand years of conciliar history – Vatican II, as I’m sure you know, is the twenty-first general council of the Roman Catholic Church. Volumes have been published by these councils from the first one in A.D. 325 at Nicea to the last one of the Vatican, closing in 1965. Never in these two thousand years has any council, indeed, have all the previous councils put together, said so much on the responsibility, on the duty, the obligation of the laity. Do you hear me?

And parallel to that, over the centuries the Church has had her laws from the very beginning. Indeed, from the Gospels on. And by now the laws of the Church fill a library. Then again, never in the legislative history of the Catholic Church has a code of canon law been published which is more detailed, more explicit and, I can say, more hard-hitting on the duty of the laity in the Catholic Church than in the latest code published by the present Sovereign Pontiff on the first Sunday of Advent, 1983. The future of the Catholic Church is in your hands. It is then, especially, the laity who must be informed and motivated to engage in this mass enterprise for Catholic re-evangelization."

Servant of God John Hardon SJ

Anonymous said...

Once again, Maria accomplishes what no one thought possible, and makes Carol seem sane by comparison.

Servant of God John Hardon SJ

TTC said...


That is a beauty.

TTC said...


That is a beauty.

Maria said...

So, were crazy, huh, Carol? OK by me ;)

Mr Anonymous: We thank you for your insults. I will send a few Ave's up for you this evening. Here is a little memo from Heaven. Fr. Hardon sends his regards:

"The very term “re-evangelization” is new to our vocabulary and the reason is not hard to find. Our century is witnessing the most widespread and devastating loss of Faith among Christians, including Catholics – hear it – in the history of Christianity. There has never been such widespread apostasy among once believing Catholics as of the 20th century. Never? Never! And one reason of course, is the MEDIA. We must make sure we know what we are saying. In the Western world there has been a massive abandonment of Christian belief and a correspondent abandonment of Christian morality. When a priest – may God forgive him – in an international magazine on the spiritual life writes a learned, dripping with footnotes article defending homosexuality, the Western world is indeed de-Christianizing."

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

There are many priests and even bishops whose messages lead away from God.

Yes, and Rome doesn't do a bloody thing about it! Benedict won't. The Curia won't. They're too isolated from what's happening on the ground and too infatuated with their own geopolitical agendas (just read
Benedict's "Caritas in Veritae")

Don't believe me? Then ask why Cdl. Wuerl in D.C. hasn't been publicly disciplined yet for ignoring Canon 915.

Catholicism doesn't see fit to live by its own stated principles. It is effectively apostate. It has become an enemy of the Triune God and of Christ. Consequently, it has forfeited any claim to being the "One True Church" and is fit for nothing more than divine scourging.

This is why I left.

If you don't think this is possible, just read the second and third chapters of the Book of Revelation.

Carol, I know you'll never publish this. I don't care. Somebody has to speak the truth. Catholicism's "leaders," from Benedict on down, are no better than the false shepherds in Ezekiel 34.

TTC said...

Maria, love it. I too said a prayer for our detractor.

TTC said...

Joseph, I hope you accept this with the spirit with which it is conveyed. It is true that I remove your blasphemy. When you post it, I make an act of reparation to Christ and His One Holy Apostolic Church. I could no more leave it there than I could leave a pile of dung you threw on a newborn child. It calls out to my conscience for an action. Removing it permits me make reparation and be at peace that your action can cause no more harm, to you as it's author, to others and most of all to Christ on my watch.

I spent considerable time and effort speaking to you about your despair, which led you to your state, in the comments section and privately. You are too tightly wrapped in the tentacles of the spirit of your captor to hear or recognize the truth when you hear it. I and others went above the call of duty and leave you to your own wiles.

You will not bring your captor here to torment Christ and His Church.

It is absurd to claim Christ's Pope is ignoring the flaws and corruption in the human men who have given up everything to feed the Body of Christ to Christ's heirs. There are billions of us and he is doing what is humanly possible. I am not fit to tie his sandals.

You left the Body of Christ because your captor has robbed you of forgiveness and compassion. He has replaced those gifts with despair and blasphemy and you are thrashing about in this pathetic state. Only a priest and the Sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church can release you. You have our prayers.

TTC said...

nb. I will not publish any response from you. We have all been there done that. Get yourself to a Roman Catholic priest. I would crawl there on my knees.

TTC said...

Joseph, I will ask you once again to stop posting your misguided understanding of salvation and your blasphemy against Christ on my blog. You are spewing what your captor has brainwashed you into believing and it is repulsive and offensive to Christ. You have been warned now of your blasphemy and told to get yourself to. Roman Catholic priest for the Sacrament of Confession at least a dozen times. The salvation of your soul will be achieved through nothing else. What you are doing all over the internet is the most offensive crime against Christ there is.

I have done my duty to Christ. Stop contacting me and commenting on my blog.