Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How's that pen working out for ya?

The National Catholic Register gave Sr. Carol Keehan a venue to talk about Obama's 15 billion dollar cut to hospitals.

When she first heard about it, she was very worried the doctors would have to take a 26% paycut.

I kid you not - that's what it says!

You'll all be relieved to know that because of the previous $155 billion cut in the budget, they were able to spare the doctors income loss.

(I can see why she did the interview with the Register and not the Reporter?)

Any thoughts on the Register giving Carol a pulpit to spread the misinformation that there is no federal funding of abortion in Obamacare?

Do you suppose an interview with Nancy Pelosi will follow?

If you're a subscriber to the Register, here's a good use for this week's edition:


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

What a little cutie! Of course the video being at least a year old, he's not so little anymore.

TTC said...

Janet - hat tip to you for the story.

God bless that child!

Maria said...

As I like to tell my colleagues at work--when Obama is done w/ this, we will all be getting heart surgery done by LPN's in teepees. May God have mercy on Sista Carol. She will find that there are no negotiations taking place in Hell...

Steve Dalton said...

The NCR belongs in a bird cage or a litter box. It already has questionable characters like Mark Shea as featured columnists, so Sista Carol is is in the right place.

Anonymous said...

I just recently subscribed to the National Catholic Register. Have I made a mistake? I don't know what to make of it yet; but I've been reading recently, in other places and past google searches, they don't like Michael Voris who I happen to love.

TTC said...

It depends. Where are you on your journey and Quo Vadis?

The Register has some very faithful and seasoned Catholic writers and so there is enrichment. But the problem is, they have lowered the bar and are employing converts with an immature understanding of theology. It seems all of them accept all of the teachings of the Church -which is a good thing. But they have terrible discretion in applying theology to current events and in understanding the workings of the Mystical Body in the bigger picture. There is not a lot of depth into the mystical which manifests itself in various ways.

Hence - you have people who despise Church Militant and use their pulpit for undermining, attacking. More importantly,we now have them licensing the ideas of Sr. Carol Keehan and letting her misinformation be fed to faithful Catholics who have relied upon the past reputation of EWTN under Mother Angelica.

I couldn't stand it but I have a very low tolerance for skullduggery.

They have clearly now taken a step forward in proactively promoting the murderous regime of Barack Obama.

TTC said...

ps - The disturbing/pathological conduct of Mark Shea is a whole other discussion!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your response. I want to avoid supporting any group or person that will use their pulpit to undermine the Church Militant. I'm not interested in watered down intellect, knowledge, or masculinity.

EWTN was the reason that I decided to subscribe. I have been going over to Ncr website recently but have not been very impressed and was a little taken aback by the negativity toward Michael Voris. I guess I'm sometimes naive in believing we are all headed down the same road in the same direction.

In regards to Mark Shea, I read he was the one who really despised Mr. Voris and some references to his support for homosexuality?

Thanks again for your response.

TTC said...


They definitely employ and publish individuals who sissify the role of men and attack Church Militant, and we have experienced their willingness to allow Bishops to lie and spin corruption, something Mother Angelica would never permit. It is infrequent, but still it happens, which means what you read there is an unreliable source for what is really happening.

Re Mark

It isn't just that he uses the Register to attack Church Militant, his conduct includes stalking, bullying and then playing the victim to inspire others to join his crusade of attack. In short, it is abusive.

It is a shame, as he is very funny and talented and can hit the mark on most areas theologically. Other pieces are a train wreck and there seems to be no editing for content consistent with the mystical or wisdom of the Church.

I believe the piece to which you refer was about his proclamation that a gay man living with his lover was a saint, it didn't matter to him if he was sexually active with respect to his proclamation that the gay man living with his lover was a Catholic saint. He later went on to say that the Church has no business inquring into the sex lives of people living with their lovers when Mark nominates somebody's witness to the teachings of the Church as meeting the litmus test of sainthood.

I believe Mark to be faithful to Church teaching relative to the requirement of abstinence of any persons who are sexually attracted to people they are not Sacramentally married to. Again, his theological immaturity manifested itself. When he was corrected, his emotions and pride drove the train until it ended it wreckage.

With the advent of promoting the skulduggery of Sr. Carol, the situation at the Register seems to be getting worse.

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for your response.