Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cardinal O'Malley for Pope?

Does John Allen have any other bright ideas?

Carol McKinley for Bishop of Boston.
Barney Frank for CDF.
Joan Chittister for US Nuncio.
Kim Kardashian for Prefect of the Papal Household.

Cardinal O'Malley is so overwhelmed in Boston that he at one point announced he wakes up in the morning wishing God would take him, and there are people we are going to send him to the Chair of Peter which is surrounded by Bertone and his wolves?

I do not have the bandwidth to enumerate the absurdities.  It isn't going to happen.

The devil has been unchained.  We are in deep doo doo.  Guard your soul with vigilence - fast, pray for the Conclave.


kd said...

What a joke! The media is electing the next Pope. I do pray Feb 28th comes without incident in Rome and prophesy is just a hoax. I'm also praying with you Carol for the Conclave and that The Holy Spirit wins out!

Adrienne said...

Wait, no! I want to be Pope...

breathnach said...

I'm not surprised that National catholyc Reporter is leading the Left's campaign for a mail it in "Pope Sean". It's unbelievable that many so called "conservative Catholics" (like are pushing for Cardinal "Cheesehead" Dolan. I would like to see a South American or African Pope and a much needed downgrade of so called American Catholicism.

Lynne said...

Carol, did you see this response on Father Z's blog?

great response about Cardinal Sean

TTC said...

Lynne, I heard about it but had not read it!

Thanks for the link.

One thing is certain. If the Roman's want to replace the teachings of the Church with Caligula, The fidelity and discretion of the people Cardinal Sean appoints and protects will hit paydirt for them. He is a good, kind and loving soul and he is faithful to the Gospel and the teachings of the Church. But he has terrible discretion and is weak around corruption. The mafia would be running the place a half hour after his election.

Two things are certain. 1. The Romans know exactly what is going on here in Boston and they know that we know that they know. 2. We are not as stupid as we look.

Bertone, much like Maciel, who was protected right up until the end, should have been removed years ago. Kangaroo trials and jailing the whistleblowers aside, the gig is up and we are about to find out if the devil has enough power to overthrow the House or there is enough sanctification in the Conclave to let this cup pass.

We also know that the gates of hell never prevail against Christ and His One Holy Apostolic Church, so grab the popcorn and Rosary beads and watch the show.

Lynne said...

Regarding Bertone, even a broken clock is right twice a day...

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertrone, the Vatican Secretary of State, has reportedly overuled Gerhard Mueller, the Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faithful and confirmed a policy of barring theologians from teaching at a Peruvian university that has lost its Vatican accreditation.

I'll be so glad when all this conclave stuff is over and we learn if we'll have someone ready to do battle.

TTC said...

Lynne - I had a good laught about the broken clock.

Anonymous said...

Love this Letter to the Editor in the Boston Globe, Sun., 2/24/13:
"O'Malley Wrong Choice for Vatican"
Re: "In Italy, O'Malley's name is in the mix" (A1, Feb. 20):
I pray the speculations that Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley could be the next pope is a joke.
Since O'Malley has been in Boston, how many churches have closed? How much has Mass attendance declined? How many have lost faith in the church?
The damage he's done in the Archdiocese of Boston has been bad enough. I can't even start to imagine the damage to the church if he becomes the next pope. I fear if O'Malley ends up in Rome there'll be no church left at all!
To all who have any say in what happens over there: please do not let this happen."
-Submitted by Nancy Melanson, Melrose, MA.
Thanks, Nancy!

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Probably not quite as bad, but repugnant enough is the "Dolan for Pope" talk. It's amazing how some of the more naive crowd think that his joviality would be a great qualification for the Seat of Peter.