Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Poverty of Marney Rich Keenan

A shining example of the impoverished women in this culture pining for a Pope who will accept and enscribe licentiousness into Church law.

Good luck with that.

It is a bit like pining for a doctor who sells your syphillis as an aphrodisiac.

A social worker giving drug addicts free crack pipes.

The Church is the institution that Christ bequeathed to guide our souls into Heaven. There are Cardinals who can and are influenced by the devil but their minority is shrinking. That's the funny thing about Christ's Church - as the culture debases and demoralizes itself, the Church strengthens. In every conceivable way.

Marney tells a sorry tale about the exodus of the baptized who have been defiantly sitting in our pews in the hopes of influencing change to Church teaching, chemically sterilized women who have freed themselves from the trappings of self-respect, dignity, morality and sanctifying grace to sleep around with irresponsible men who don't love them enough or respect them enough to marry them, sister sufferagettes of sexcapades volunteering to teach CCD so they can introduce their own defiance and immorality to innocent children, pouting polyester-pantied nuns whose dialogues and vagina monologues have been rebuked---all looking towards Rome for a 'suitable earthly leader'.

Cry me a river.

The magnitude of damage these women have done to generations of children is breathtaking. Our Pope spoke about the damage of their misinterpretations and is expected to continue to address it internally in next few weeks.
“So, dominant and more efficient, this council created many calamities, so many problems, so much misery. In reality, seminaries closed, convents closed, the liturgy was trivialized ... and the true Council has struggled to materialize, to be realized,” he stated.  
In his analysis, Pope Benedict said that the virtual council was stronger than the real Council, but the real strength of the Council was present.

“It has slowly emerged and is becoming the real power, which is also true reform, true renewal of the Church,” he said.

“It seems to me that, 50 years after the Council, we see how this virtual council is breaking down, getting lost, and the true Council is emerging, with all its spiritual strength,” he observed to his priests.

“And it is our task to work so that the true Council, with the power of the Holy Spirit, is realized, and the Church is really renewed,” he emphasized.
I suppose they're looking for us to invite their dying culture back but we are as likely to do that as to embrace typhoid.

Admittedly, it is hard to know exactly what to do about the rejection of their egos. I wish there was a way to invite them to learn about the Catholic religion - to understand it.

Been there/done that. Their presence isn't just a presence. They demand the silence of Church teaching and their demands have robbed generations of children from their Deposit of Faith and frankly, their salvation.

We're all done with it.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Your remark about the social worker giving crack pipes reminded me of Albany Catholic Charities and the stunt they pulled three years ago. See

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

I see that many good Catholics, including Michael Voris, lambasted Keenan's drivel. It's great to know there's so many orthodox Catholics in that area!

Supertradmum said...

May I just note that the blame is also to lay on the shoulders of priests who stopped talking about the dangers of mixed marriages, at least here in England, and have been less than strict about contraception in these marriages. The fact that a Catholic woman or Catholic man can contracept for years and years and years creates a mentality which is passed down to the next generations.

I realize pastorally that this type of advice is "OK' to a point, but it has weakened the Catholic Church in Great Britain almost beyond repair.