Friday, February 1, 2013

Sixteen (16) Boston Chancery Employees Make Four Million Dollars

The fat cats and bureaucrats enriching themselves at the Boston Chancery (as they cry poor mouth and shutter parishes) are in the news this week at Boston Catholic Insider.

The salary of Sister Bathwater is twelve thousand more dollars per year than the salary of a priest who is operating three parishes.

The worst offender - get this - is the 'Secretary of Education', who is making close to Four Hundred Thousand Dollars a year.

They are boarding up Catholic Schools for lack of money, children graduate from high school without knowing their prayers, the teachings of the Church, without knowing the Divinity of Christ in the Eucharist - they wouldn't know the difference between Charlie Sheen and and the men preserving and reserving themselves for God and his wife - and the Secretary of Education draws... a Four Hundred Thousand Dollar salary?

I was also astounded by the salary of the "executive director of lay benefits"  - close to two hundred thousand dollars.   First of all, it's a bit of a bloated title for the lone crackerjack in the benefits office.

I wonder what they call the receptionist..the deputy director of Central Intelligence?

People are worried about unjust enrichment at the Bank of America and Wall Street?

You wonder, after a ten year tab of these sixteen employees: How many additional Churches will be shuttered, how many lay employees and priests will be screwed out of their pensions?

Stay tuned to Boston Catholic Insider as they unravel the stewardship of  donations.

God bless Michael Voris and his staff for picking up on this story:


Lynne said...

I just disagreed with BCI's suggestion of notifying the Attorney General and the Globe about this situation. I really don't want *them* getting involved in church policy.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

If civil law is being broken in Massachusetts, then the civil authorities most certainly do have a role to play in cleaning up that mess. And let's face this - if it weren't for the Boston Globe, who knows how long the clergy sex abuses might have continued without discovery and correction?

Lynne said...

This isn't a civil issue. I really don't want the Government telling a diocese how much their employees should be compensated.

Anonymous said...

thanks for share..

TTC said...


I've given great thought to your comments. I value your input and give it great consideration. But, so far, I just can't get to where you are..

If a very wealthy man took over the day-to-day operations of the diocese while the Bishop of the See was in a spiritual or personal crisis - had all of his friends placed into positions in the Chancery, set their compensation to an absurd amount - and as a result, low-paying employees who have been serving Christ's Church for decades at below-market rates were called and and told they had to take a cut from their pensions, and parishes had to close because the diocese wants to save money by letting go of the low-paid people who have no possibility of collecting unemployment -- when all the cronies of the wealthy and powerful man begin to deconstruct the structure of the Roman Catholic Church by placing all of the power and educational resources into the hands of the well-positioned cronies of the wealthy man --

Laws are in place to protect the beneficiaries of non-profits for this very reason. If these people were just taking a little more for themselves - that would be bad enough - but the situation is completely out of control. We have tried to get the Holy See to intervene and send help to fortify the suffering Archbishop but even when it was clear he signed a contract to outsource the killing of children, lied about it and when educated Catholics went public resorted to character assassinations on the whistelblowers - they were not willing to see the danger we are in. They intervened with the abortion contracts but they left the sick situation to continue to flourish.

What is happening here is really bad. We have a duty to hand off the authentic faith to our children and grandchildren - intact. I hate to resort to civil law for the same reasons I know you this trajectory troubles you. It troubles me too and all who are contemplating this course do so with a heavy heart. But when it comes to the choice of protecting the diocese with my silence and doing everything I can to hand off the structure of the Church and our religion intact to our children and grandchildren, I am compelled to choose the latter.

We have gone way beyond a heroic effort to get the Cardinal to do the right thing. Not just me but hundreds of people that I know of - and the good faith attempts have been met with patronizing letters and useless committees with whom they play rope-a-dope.

The plans they are implementing are the plans that were laid out by the 'voice of the faithful'. It is nearly complete. The power and money are no longer in the hands of the Archbishop. They are preventing moral theology from being taught in our schools and they are indoctrinating children with immorality.

We gave a valiant effort to get the Romans to address the corruption at the Boston Chancery. In seven years, I don't want to look at the devastation and have any regrets.

Lynne said...

Thank you Carol for the background on all the activity that's taken place by so many faithful in Boston. I still hate the idea of involving the Government but there may not be another option.