Saturday, March 16, 2013

Frs. Unni, Garrity, Fleming, Josoma need orders to replace their homoerotica with speakers like this one

Boston Catholics would be very satisfied with a very quiet switchout of the Archdiocescan homoerotic agenda of the last five years with speakers like this one.

Here's Matt's About Page.

Let us put an end to the charade: There is absolutely NO opposition to an apostolate of priests in parishes who focus on pastoral outreach to SSA persons.

We welcome the welcome--with the caveat that programs and speakers and the agenda be celibacy and our teachings be unrestricted, embraced, encouraged.

What is going in the schools and parishes in Boston under Cardinal O'Malley has got to be addressed, corrected, supervised.



With the urgency of knowing they are dealing with Catholics who have exhausted patience.