Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Is Pope Francis a Liberal and Liturgical Wreckovator?

Because a few friends and readers have expressed reservations about Pope Francis, I wanted to circle back and talk about falling in love with his charisms and gifts butressed against concerns being raised about Our Sacred Liturgy and conjecture about what exactly it is he'll reform, if anything.

After years of experiencing the modus operandi of the crew in the Boston Chancery let's call it "PPP" (the protection of perverts and perversion) and after a decade of experiencing the modus operandi at the highest levels of the Roman Curia, let's call it the "PPPP" (the protection of protectors of perverts and perversion), while watching Pope Francis, I find myself in the familiar territory of "Note to Self:  "Be careful what you ask for".

I want you to think about something for a minute.

So here we are in Boston under a regime that, literally, is bringing in the agenda of homoerotica and the PPP's in the Boston Archdiocese submits, with great confidence, the following comment:

"You're kidding yourself if you think anyone in the Boston hierarchy gives a whit about you & your thoughts about the Church. You are derided at the highest levels. You'd be better off visiting a soup kitchen & leaving the Church to God & those whom he's chosen to run it. Your "paper trail" is off no interest to anyone who matters. "
Priests rolling out the agenda of perversion of minds and souls of our children have great confidence they are protected under Cardinal O'Malley - and in fact, all the way to Rome. They are absolutely correct.

Even when some of those priests were perverting the minds of children and once they were groomed, raping them, the PPPPs in Roman Curia currently are as brazen as ever.

Over the last fifteen years, we have solicited the assistance of very powerful lay people, priests and Bishops across the United States. I say this with the deepest affection: The Romans are an odd lot.

There is some kind of pomp that forbears and forbids whistleblowing, discipline and cleaning out corruption. I hesitate to use this word, but it's the only word I can think of that is suitable: It operates like a cult. A cult that penalizes those who reports criminal activities or civil and spiritual misfeasance and malfeasance.

It's got to go.

We want these priests removed. Sent for spiritual counseling and if they are redeemable, returned to ministry. If they remain defiant, permanently sidelined, where they are no longer a danger to the salvation of souls. We want any lay person who contradicts Church teaching or forbids it to be taught to Catholic children in side of our own schools to be removed. We don't want any more asinine template letters sent on behalf of the Cardinal thanking us for expressing our concerns and telling us they're "watching" the situation.

 The era of watching the Cardinal watching his priests abuse and defile souls is over.  Gonzo. But ten years later, they are not willing to let go of it. In my opinion, from what we have experienced here in Boston, the cult mentality only entrenched itself further. It is much worse than it was before the newspapers unraveled its fruit.

What we want is a system that protects our children. Where complaints are not just watched but acted upon. We want a fire set to dismissive template letters. We want letters telling us the dangerous priest or person has been relieved of their duties and we are all free to teach anything and everything in the Catechism. Wherever and whenever we wish to do so.

I've watched Pope Francis over the course of the last few days. I've watched his discomfort with the ornate dressings of the royalty of the papacy. It does concern me. But I cannot imagine a humble man being thrown into that and finding his balance between accepting his own transparency in the expressions of reverencing the majestic royalty of Christ Our King. I'm praying he finds it and sooner rather than later.

 But truth be told, if he never finds it, if this is the price we pay to eliminate the mentality of the cult, it is a bargain I am more than willing to live with through this papacy.

I've read and heard concerns over the Liturgy with the puppets in the bleachers.   These kinds of sophomoric antics do a terrible disservice to those present.  We are transported in time to Golotha.  Imagine the Apostles bringing puppets and hopping around like around the crucifixion of Christ as giddy as Cheech and Chong afer smokin a big blunt. It is appalling to those who are mystically present at Christ's Crucifixion.

I've read concerns that he does not genuflect at Consecration.  The man is 76 years old.  Twenty years his junior, my knees, my back, my balance - I can't do it without holding onto something and even with support, it is a spectacle trying to get up.   I don't buy into these as signs he lacks intimacy and respect for the Holy Sacrifice.

The culture in Argentina is jiggy and it is more than possible and even likely, he did not know about the puppets in the bleachers. They probably came from some parish "youth minister" on a bus into the stadium - without anyone knowing beforehand.

He deserves the benefit of the doubt because I see his spirituality and ministry embraces the culture he is in.  I understand and affirm the concerns, but doubt we'll be seeing these things in his Petrine ministry - though this remains to be seen.

I observed his interactions with the crazy journalists who suffer from malicious religious bigotry and generate such across the globe with the moonbat commentary and lies. After persuading them to report the truth, he told them he loved them all.   It brings me to tears. Still.

I watched him today, hop out of the popemobile to bless a cripple man who had been lowered through the roof. Faith and love like this, intimacy -- I have greatly missed, and I am overjoyed to see its return.

In town, there is a local hairdresser who scandalizes residents with his advertisements outside of his salon that promote SSA, promiscuity. He openly and loudly speaks of drugs, booze and sex inside of the salon. Outside of his salon this week, the sign welcomes Pope Francis and says 'love your pope'.

I speak to friends and colleagues who are bitter, broken, resistant to Church teaching, and I see their intrigue and even admiration.

And I am loving it.

But all of this does not mean I have surrended the trust the antics of the cult have broken.

As my grandmother used to say - the proof is in the pudding.

I want to see for myself who he appoints. I want to see for myself what happens when we whistleblow. I want to see for myself what happens when we have to go over the heads of the corrupt in our Chanceries to remove priests and persons who are a danger to souls.   I want to see for myself whether we start to see our Latin Rite treated with passive-aggressive antics.  I want to see if our inheritance is sullied with sophomoric wreckovation.

Until I see where he's going, I'm resting in the love, mercy and praying for and with the man.  With joy.  


Catechist Kev said...

"I don't buy into these as signs he lacks intimacy and respect for the Holy Sacrifice."

This whole piece is excellent, Carol.

One thing I noticed is Papa Francis *elevates*, very high!, the host and precious chalice at the Holy Sacrifice!

I know priests who absolutely *refuse* to do this. (But, they are able to "elevate" the lectionary after they read the Gospel to kiss it. I guess the host and chalice just weigh *so* much more!)

Great read, Carol.


TTC said...

Oh Kev, you have no idea how much I needed to hear this. Thank you.

I did notice high elevation, and I also noted his profound and humble bow after Transubstantiation of both Christ's Body and Blood.

I would hate to see his personal humility bring ridicule and/or debase the dignity of Christ's Royalty. That's when it starts getting Uncle Screwtape. He is under terrible seige from both sides.

I have to say when even one of our enemies start pouring out their venom, it is palpable in our lives. If we don't recognize it and meet it, it walks through like a tornado force wind. I cannot imagine having the entire world at my back. Much prayer and fasting.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Carol, you are not wrong to use the word 'cult' to describe the actions of the fag fellowship. I was a member of a cult for many years, and I recognize cultic behavior when I see it. So feel free to use that word to lambaste the FF.

StevenD-Jasper said...

I don't know. I have a good feeling about Pope Francis, the same I had about Pope Benedict. Two Godly men in a unGodly world.

breathnach said...

Hi Carol,

I've read some of the traditionalist critiques of Pope Francis. I take them with a grain of salt because the same folks believed that Karol Wojtyła and Joseph Ratzinger were modernists just shy of Hans Kung on the Richter scale. It's too soon to say whether he will have an impact on actual discipline. My experience of even the best Jesuits (so few) is that they tend to look the other way at the transgressions of their brother clerics. I hope Pope Francis is different.

I'm optimistic about him. I pray that he is highlighting social justice in order to bring it back from it's abuse by the secular Left.The social justice teachings of the Church cannot be perverted into an endorsement of the dignity destroying, anti-human ideology of the secular Left.

Caroline said...

Beautifully and lovingly said, Carol..I wholeheartedly agree.
Pope Francis has the world watching despite all the media has done to try and destroy the church..People are talking about him everywhere I go.
He deserves our heartfelt prayers.
And you're in mine as well.
Blessings +

Anonymous said...

You are on target entirely. He really is holy, and it is comforting to know he wants to be our protector. On Fr Z's blog about the shoes, a commentor called Matt said he felt Francis wanted us all to know the status quo is not going to be where he is at. Dr Ed Peters agreed wholeheartedly and so doI. He is sending a strong message that he is hear to protect and intends to do so with love.
Thanks again for your loving and strong faith which has been a Godsend to so many of us. ~E

Jack O'Malley said...

Carol, excellent post and don't let the naysayers get you down. Christ Himself was mocked and the faithless chancery sycophants will mock you for doing the Lord's work. Soldier on!

I think I will allow the new Pope the courtesy of settling in and setting up shop before I take him to task. He is a Jesuit and my experience of those men is that they are stalwart. Even when heretical, they are stalwart. I think Pope Bergoglio will prove a good leader for the Church; his obvious delight in mingling with the crowds in the Piazza showed that he was in his element as Benedict (more a scholarly recluse) was not. His descent from the popemobile to bless the cripple was very impressive. And kissing babies always draws them in.

I do think that his liturgical bent is decidedly untraditional. I don't think he'll abrogate the Latin Mass but he may change the lectionary and the calendar. Maybe muck about with the missal a bit. That he does not genuflect at the Consecration cannot be laid, it seems to me, either to his age or to physical disability. His agility in descending the steps of the popemobile was downright athleticism. I think it is just the liturgical style that the novus ordo engenders. So much the worse. But even Aquinas wrote Tantum ergo Sacramentum veneremur cernui. Or, in the language of the Sassanachs, Therefore, so great a Sacrament, let us venerate bowing forward.

I too will be watching. Not that there's anything I can do about it if he ticks me off. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm sad a lot of Catholic blogs that talk around the real issues are getting "best of" again this year. Yours is one of the few with an honest, open opinion. I really appreciate your take.


TTC said...

Wow. Thanks to all of you for your kind words of encouragement. Funny, we don't indulge in that much here, and for good reasons, but they were sure welcomed.

Anon, once you get into the best of category, there is a whole other cult, "group think", that precludes one from objective analysis and honesty. Certain subjects, like corruption are off limits. I don't have it in me.

M said...

Carol, When are you going to Rome with your information on corruption here.

Anonymous said...

Very nicely expressed. I still am reserving judgment, as more details leak out like this about his support for same-sex civil unions.


"Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio — now Pope Francis — came out in support of civil unions for gay couples in 2010, Newser reports. It was during a time of spiritual chaos in Argentina, as the church there was battling attempts to legalize gay marriage. And Cardinal Bergoglio came forward with what he described as the “lesser of two evils” solution, Newser reports.

“He wagered on a position of greater dialogue with society,” his authorized biographer says, in the Newser report. He publicly criticized the gay marriage bill winding through Argentina's legislature, but quietly supported same-sex union rights.

This would be consistent with his collaboration with a rabbi who opposed "same-sex marriage" but supported same-sex civil unions (which have all of the benefits of marriage, just not the name "marriage.")

I think it's too early to tell what will happen, but I'm not nearly so bullish yet, especially after reading the above and this:


If Roger Mahony likes him, then I am really frightened!

Jack O'Malley said...

Well, now he has ticked me off.

I watched parts of the "inauguration" ("installation"?) mass on youtube. If your theory of bad knees is correct, he's also got a severe hip problem. Plus a stiff neck. Not only no genuflection at the Consecration, but not even a bow or nod of the head. This guy is evidently barely more functional that the cripple he leaped down to be photographed with. Didn't St. Peter heal a cripple or two? I've to to reread Acts. I'm sure he did. I guess the Petrine Therapeutic Charism has been lost somewhere down the ages.

And, horribile dictu, I made a mistake with the Tantum ergo. Cernuus means not just bowing but "falling face-forward, face-down towards the earth". It is a profound bow and not just a nod of the head or simple bend from the waist. It is a proskynesis or bow to the ground in the Eastern Rites and Orthodox tradition. (Though veneration is disguished from adoration in both traditions. But that is a topic for another day.)

In any event, forget veneremur cernui. In the novus ordo it's veneremur fatui. Hey, in the handy-dandy novus ordo, let's shake hands and wave our hands and hold hands for the Our Father and stick our hands out for the "wafer".

Ironically veneror in Latin derives from Venus the goddess of Love. Go figure.

TTC said...

Jack, You always make me laugh.

I was short on time yesterday but wanted to circle back to say -- I can do the stairmaster without any problem at all. Stairs are not a problem. But genuflecting is. The stiffness comes from the lower back, which in turn shortens all the muscles in your plank.

I'll go back and watch the Consecration, but I did see a less than stellar genuflect and a profound bow (which again is not a problem for me) after both the Body and Blood were Transubstantiated.

I'm not saying we don't have a problem, I'm saying it is still time to keep our jets cool.

TTC said...

Anon, It's tough for me to try to do early and substantial diligence so I rely on readers. But I saw that quote and a few things came to me.

a. This is completely inconsistent with his statements with his profound statements on active sexuality among our SSA brothers and sisters. I find it very difficult to believe he would encourage this and put their souls into the hands of this dragon and put his own soul in peril.

Nevertheless, what I saw was more a he said he thinks from a rogue tabloid source. I tried to find +Bergoglio's own statements that confirm his reported support of civil unions and I came up empty.

If you find any citation from something he actually is on record saying, let us know.

I usually go beyond the call of duty to give people the benefit of the doubt but have absolutely no intention of playing the foolish cult games of the beautiful people if we have a problem in the Chair of Peter. I don't think we do. That's my gut. Like I said to Jack - let's cool our jets. It's really, really early.

TTC said...

n.b. Lots of people I work with on a number of things are gracious enough to collaborate with me. A great many people I love have been robbed of their religion. Relatives, friends, colleagues.

I doubt working on mutual mission, golfing, loving me is a sign they covertly hold the same opinions I do. They definitely know I surrender to the Magisterium on everything.

Watch out for the hysterics and sit tight.

TTC said...

pps - when I say above that a profound bow is not a problem for me - I am referring to my own physical limitations. I do not in any way mean to convey I don't have a problem with a wimpy genuflection. I do. I want to see the causal relationship before I get my panties in a twist.