Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's official: EWTN Slandering Latin Rite Community as AntiSemites

Waking up at dawn to the news that the Pope is gumming up the Holy See with 'committee', my first instincts were "You're only kidding yourself (at least in this house!).  Committees are the vehicles for cowards who need to insulate their self-esteem from accountability for the execution of their own plans."

When you need to distance yourself from the voices of your victims, you select like-minded people whom you know will deliver a piece of paper that tells you to do what you were going to do all along.  Then, of course, the coward hires the people to carry it out and then distances himself from it.

After all, how are they to blame?

People told him to do it!

We've all seen employers carry out their own agenda and plans this way.

I wholeheartedly concur with our friends at BCI.

Naming Cardinal O'Malley to a Committee to reform the Curia is like naming Hillary Clinton to a Committee to reform international embassy security.

The fix is in: cronyism, corruption and clapping carnal clusters.

And, what reform would be without an accused anti-Semite and co-president of Pax Christi.

Frost the bureaucracy with another level of low-ranking bureaucrats who'll meet six months from now to create a think tank.  Meanwhile, make sandwiches for the Suisse Guards.

Why don't we all just cut to the chase and save them the time and energy?

What the hierarchy needs is an encyclical on how to man up.  

Humanis Testoseronis.

Evangelium Erecti Spinus.

Apostoli et Terminatio Pinko Mafiosio.

Boston Catholics could deliver the manifesto in a couple of hours.

I digress. 

This post is about EWTN finally coming out of the closet. They let Simcha Fisher do the dirty work of caricaturing Catholics who attend the Paschal Mystery and Sacred Liturgy in the Latin Rite as anti-Semites.Mark Shea applauding on the sidelines.

EWTN carries the despicable story HERE.  I refuse to link to Mark Shea's treachery.

I've read very little of Dawn Eden over the years but I was surprised to have to divest myself of the notion she was a sensible woman.

I didn't know that every time I go to the Novus Ordo, if I don't discredit and apologize for Mark Shea and Bishop Gumbleton, it means my devotion to the Sacred Liturgy and Sacraments is some kind of ratification of the loony things they've said and done.

Will somebody ping me when Simcha apologizes for the friends with benefit liturgies, lousy catechesis or vulgar icon of women on her blog?   There are thousands of women who don't want it pinned to our reputation.  It won't go away on its own.


Percy said...

Pax Christi? Do you mean Caritas International?

Kd said...

And I had such high hopes, guess I was high!

StevenD-Jasper said...

Simcha Fisher is alot like Shea. They like to attack faithful Catholics. I was banned from 'The American Catholic' because I said something about Jews (is wasn't bad at all), and were not to try and convert Jews either, that is anti-semetic.

These are the Dolanites.

Steve Dalton said...

I read Simcha's article too, and I found it to be a backstabbing piece of garbage. I don't find the Latin Rite Community to be Anti-Semitic, if we define it as hating Jews as Jews. The LRC just simply doesn't believe that Jews are the Chosen People anymore. This irritates the hell out of Jews like Fisher and knee-jerk Philo-Semites like Mark Shea. Also, most LRC's believe many Jews are actively trying to undermine the Catholic Church, so they are not inclined to be Pro-Jewish or Israel supporters. One only has to read the New Testament, the Church Fathers, and books like "Jewish Influence On Christian Reform Movements" by Rabbi Newman, "The Plot Against The Church" by Pinay, Phillip II and Isabella by William Thomas Walsh to realize there's a hatred in the hearts of many Jews that drives them to create or join Anti-Christian movements. The traditionalist LRC's pay attention to this history, while the Shea's and the Fisher's in their zeal to be knee-jerk Philo-Semites (and not to by accused of being Anti-Semites for not kissing up to the Jews) refuse to even read or listen to 1900 years of Church history. It's so typical of Vatican II diaper babies.

TTC said...

Percy - Pax Christi

The delusional group that thinks they are bringing 'peace' to the poor by spoon feeding them soup and immorality.

Bishop Gumbleton on the front page.

TTC said...

KD - I am still reserving judgment until I see which way he is going to go with it. At the very least, the Pope seems to form convictions around the dog and pony show, rather than taking the time to ensure that those he appoints are not encumbered with the same flaws that plague the administrative function and delivery of temporal goods of the Catholic Church.

Steve and Jasper, these people abandon the conversion of baptized uncatechized and apostate Catholics. Making disciples out of the race and creed God chose to manifest Himself to convert is never going to make their radar. Let us face it.

I can't even make sense out of the concept that everyone who has taken flight to the Latin Rite from the madness and irresponsible disposition of the teachings and Sacraments of the Catholic Church is suddenly Mel Gibson.

I don't know whether their failure to draw distinction between sedevacanists and Catholics finding priests who will teach them their faith, licensed and certified by the Vatican - ratified through motu proprio is deliberate or related to their intellectual and theological limitations.

What I do know is, the National Catholic Register and EWTN has gone from a five star Catholic Apostolate to a two star. Another place being pillaged by people who are well-intended and love our Lord but have no business trying to teach the execution of our religion to others.

Lynne said...

I feel bad for Mother Angelica. I hope she doesn't realize what her organization has become. It wasn't the bishops who did EWTN in but the laity. Think about that.

Luckily, I don't read Simcha so whatever she has said doesn't bother me. I don't read Dawn Eden either but I thought she had some sense.

Someone on Dale Price's blog referred to Mark Shea as Little Green Catholics which is a play on Little Green Footballs (if anyone is familiar with that political blog). It's incredibly appropriate, i.e. someone who started off orthodox but descended in foaming-at-the-mouth madness.

I really see a split in the American Catholic Church coming...

Dymphna said...

This really, really hurt me. I prefer the TLM. That doesn't make me or any of the nice young people who sit in the pews with me anti Semitic. In fact, I also go to the Novus Ordo and that doesn't mean that I approve of pederasty, drug dealing (Fr. Meth, anyone?) or heresy. Blaming everyone who loves the TLM for the actions of a few is nasty and libelous. I am giving EWTN another cent. I've had it with this crap.

TTC said...

I think they've been covertly heading this way for several years.

After several years of hiring sophomoric pundits who attack faithful Catholics fed up with having their children brainwashed into immorality and sin, they are free now under the reign of a Pope whom they see as leading a crusade of destroying the governance of sanctification of souls and giving what is holy to God.

Time will tell. One thing is certain. There is a very small window for the Pope to retain unity with the same parents who have watched the people they love be led by the schismatics into an abyss. Ratifying and empowering these same schismatics will be a disaster for unity.

You can't keep people who are not in a state of grace in the pews. Parents will not remain in the pews to have their children defiled. Those days are behind us.

He inherited a Church filled with disciples who are finished with the schismatics leading the people they love astray.

His witness thus far is leading - as Simcha rightfully proclaims - to division.

Let us face it - an antipope is on the table. God help us.

TTC said...

BTW - I love and worship in the Novus Ordo. I've tried TLM and get too lost. I can't follow Christ from the praetorium to resurrection.

If the Pope's intentions are to dissolve governance of the Catholic Church and silence Church teaching because it offends the Vatican II schismatics, I think we are all going to have choices to make. My presence in a parish, Liturgy, apostolate - lends credibility to its Catholicity, as does shaking the dust off of my shoes and moseying on down the road.

I will never, ever join the sedevacanists anymore than I would sit in the erection of a formal schism by an antipope. Christ, in His Wisdom, has given us motu proprio and I will be formally joining the refugees.

Aged parent said...

It is interesting to me, this sudden new witch hunt against those whose memory of Catholicism predates 1970. Why this obsession with so-called "antisemitism", a word which, in itself, means many things. As the late Joe Sobran once said, antisemitism used to mean hatred of Jews but now it means anyone who Jews hate. (Question: are the Jews in the Holy Land who are persecuting the indigenous semitic Arabs also antisemites?) I'm finding this turning up everywhere all of a sudden, even on blogs where I would not have expected such nonsense to appear.

I don't have any explanation for it unless there is some sense on the part of these Catholic libel spreaders that the winds from Rome are blowing from a different direction. I say that only as speculation since Benedict's unfortunate record vis-a-vis the conversion of the Jews was fairly abysmal and these people certainly were aware of that.

Mr Dalton is quite correct in writing that to these folks 1900 years of Church history is a closed book to them.

But Professional Converts like Mr Shea, et al, bore me to tears and therefore I do not waste valuable time by reading them.

TTC said...

Aged Parent,

There is no question that the resurgence of slander and persecution of Catholics who did not and do not respond to the ordination of sissified prelates promoting immorality and death is due to a perceived shift in the winds of Rome.

Anonymous said...

Carol, thanks for this post. I am going to save it for future reference. I have recently started to do some research into anti-semitism and connections to traditionalist Catholic groups. The St Benedict Center in NH and the SSPX come to mind, among others. Would like to here your thoughts and those of your commenters.



breathnach said...

Simcha belches the following in her idiotic diatribe: "The only time -- the only time, in my entire life -- that I've experienced anti-Semitism, it came from Traditionalist Catholics."

In a world where jihadists and their enablers (i.e. Iran etc)spout deadly anti-Semitic threats on a daily basis,this woman only sees "anti-Semitism" coming from the small remnant of Trad Catholics. She also ignores the hyper anti-Semitism of the international Left. This woman is either incredibly stupid or, more likely, an agenda driven mouthpiece of those within the Church who perceive the Trad Catholics as a thorn in the side of a rapprochement with the "progressive" faction of catholycs.This is pure cowardice. As the church faces an unprecedented attack from the forces of radical secularism this witch hunter focuses on a group of faithful Catholics and demands they be brushed with the sins of every crank who calls themselves "Traditionalist". As a non-traditionalist I find thisdespicable.

Steve Dalton said...

And now, Dave Armstrong joins the lynch the traditionalist mob.

Lynne said...

Yes, StevenD-Jasper...These are the Dolanites.

Percy said...

That's a new one on me: what's a Dolanite traditionalist?

* * *

To the hostess, I see now it's the Congolese cardinal you're referring to. I was thinking you were referring to the coordinator of this group, who's president of Caritas International.

Tancred said...

Is it safe to say that the Neocon bloggers are really just a marginal and embittered group of people who are finding themselves increasingly dated and irrelevant as celebrity converts?

Anonymous said...

TCC,I didn't read through the Links. I just sometimes can't on this topic. You know what? I'm way fed up! And I don't mind saying it of them or to them. A traditional blogger who is a wonderful person says Hebrew Catholics is an oxymoron and is right. Those who are still oh so Jewish First. Really. This damn Dual Covenant Theology is the biggest Heresy in the Church's history! Really!

Anonymous said...

A particular Jewish man who is not at all happy with his brethren says, "they never know when to quit"
And he says, " They never ask why?" Numbers of Jews create in others an anti-Jewishness where it did not exist. This is a reality in each era of a thousand(s) years. Why won't they quit? Why won't they ask why?

Anonymous said...

NeoCons and NeoCaths seem pretty much the same bête noir.

Anonymous said...

Look at Mystagogy 4/15/013. "Doing Theology while subject to Passions". Can anyone say Eden, Shea, WhatsErName, Et Al.

Steve Dalton said...

What Anon at 04/16/13, 4:01 AM said: Dual covenant theology is the biggest heresy in the Church's history!" He's right, and I would add, it's the oldest heresy and the most enduring one. If one wishes to learn more about it's history, read "Jewish Influence On Christian Reform Movements" by Rabbi Louis I Newman and "The Plot Against The Church" by Maurice Pinay. Both of these books show what is incorrectly called Anti-Semitism in Church history, is actually a fight against the heresies of Judaizing and dual covenant theology. Newman'a book has been out of print for many years, but used copies can be found for sale on the Net or at a library. "Plot" is in print and available on Amazon.

beagle said...

'NeoCons and NeoCaths seem pretty much the same bête noir.'

Yep, and now we also have the neoTrads who go to the traditional Mass but go on about 'anti-semitism' and the 'extraordinary form' (as if the two liturgies are on the same level) and whatever other nonsense. This crap just keeps evolving into new dumb fads as time goes on.

Anonymous said...

This a vey good post and good and informed comments. I do mean informed of hiistories before VII.Beagle's Neo-Trad is on the Mark. Mr. Dalton, everyone here. We thank one-another rightly.
ONE CORRECTION: The very fine Catholic blogger I re: said Zionist Catholic is oxymoron. This seems descriptive of the like we're discussing here. It is not meant to refer to Jewish persons who have been truly converted to the True Catholic Faith, Christ's True Catholic Church.

Anonymous said...

Breathnach, Do not be deceived . Do not be a useful idiot. These people are Anti-Semite Hunters. They certainly do hunt jihadists. They certainly do fan the flames of hatred of Arab peoples. They are Zionists. They demand the imbalance of power in the Middle-East. The Supremacy, Super-Power status of Nuclear Armed Israel. They demand U:S. Money, Arms and Soldiers to ensure this imbalance of power. If not for this there would not be so many jihadists.

breathnach said...

Anon, Leave me out of your conspiracy-I don't share your fondness for jihad or your "anti-Zionist" mania. I am concerned with those, who proclaim their love of the Roman Catholic Church, but would rather score points against a group of faithful Catholics and ignore (or minimize) the assaults of the so called "progressives".

TTC said...


I host the blog to learn from my commenters!

They are a wise bunch.

beagle said...

A segment of Catholic punditry is making its way up the Annoying Internet Scale. Maybe at some point they'll pull into a 1st place tie with SNAP Cultists and Screeching Atheists.

I don't even know why I read their stuff, it just makes me mad.

TTC said...


I rarely read the writings of the militia of malcontents for the same reason.

Anon and breathnach: In a lot of ways, I think you are both right. All I know is, the instructions from Christ that we make believers and baptize men from all nations has been abandoned for the sake of political correctness.

Anonymous said...

Breathnach, Excuse me, or rather excuse you. I don't have a conspiracy. I am not in a conspiracy. You must be mistaken me for someone else. And I do not have a fondness for jihadists. And I do not have a fondness for those who will not even consider the truth. Supporting perpetual, disproportionate war is perhaps a bad thing. Perhaps a very bad thing.

Anonymous said...

TCC, On my behalf (Anon) I want to say, thanks.

Anonymous said...

AGED Parent quotes Joe Sobran "antisemitism used to be hatred of Jews. Now it is anyone who Jews hate". There are facts that some people refuse to face. They keep getting farther and farther on a Road of Deceit. If one gets far enough along a Deceit Road at the fork all Roads lead to Deceit. I do not use the language of deceit exs: Pro-Choice, Gay- Marriage, Anti-Semitism etc.As is apparerent it creeps and is dangerous.

breathnach said...

Anon, we don't have a disagreement regarding the issue at hand. The folks slandering fellow Catholics as "anti-Semites" are working their own agenda. They are despicable. This isn't the forum for exploring differences regarding war, Israel, foreign policy and the misuse of anti-Semitism as a political weapon. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

breathnach, Okay, Truce. You are not happy with what these particular people are doing under the auspices of the Church and no one here is. Unfortunately there are more like them.Are Irish Catholics yapping all over the internet calling other Catholics Anti-Gaelics? Are French Catholics ? English Catholics? And so on. And my saying something political that you believe is off-limits I believe is tangled up in their identity, Cultural and Religious. If you and I disagree that should not put us at odds as Catholic.

TTC said...

What are you smoking?

This is about the thuggery of my brothers and sisters. You better believe when a Catholic or anyone else maligns and slanders to cause hatred, righteous people will be at odds with them.

breathnach said...

Anon, perhaps my colors as a dupe of the Semites is showing here. I'm not declaring anything off limits. I'm restricting my response to what I see as the boundaries of a blog devoted to Catholic Church issues. It's up to Carol whether she wants to open her blog up to a wider discussion. You can argue the validity of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, it's not my call.

FYI: It isn't likely that Irish Catholics would refer to anti-Irish sentiment as "anti-Gaelic". In modern usage "Gaelic" refers to the Celtic language spoken by a small percentage of inhabitants of the Highlands of Scotland and the Hebrides islands.

aly said...

breathnach, This is my last reply re: EWTN Slandering Latin Rite Community as Anti-Semitic;(It's Official). Legitimate to the discussion is that they accuse but cannot be accused. Honest dialogue is Shut-Up/Shut-Down by the tried and true Accusation: Anti-Semite! You twice accused me of belonging to an Anti-Semitic Conspiracy. Here you proved the Point.
My use of Anti-Gaelic was for emphasis. It's not without relevance

TTC said...

I don't really feel equipped for a larger discussion as my education on Zion is woefully inadequate.

Saying Latin Rite Catholics are anti-Semites because they devoutly pray for unification and conversion is sinister.

TTC said...

Aly, I meant to thank you for assigning yourself a name.

This discussion is in uncharted waters for me. I didn't at all come away with the impression breathnach called you an anti-Semite. I've known breathnach as a commenter on the blog for years. He is a very rational, observant, logical but truthful commenter.

I think we all agree that anti-Semitism has no place in the Catholic Church or in any society. The post was about the hoodlums at EWTN who now appear to be scandalizing our Latin Rite Community with slander, inciting malice.

Lets have a group hug and move along?

breathnach said...


My initial foray on this thread was a forceful denunciation of the broad brush anti-Semitic smears against the Latin Mass and Trad Catholic community. My measured tone met with Aly/Anon's response that I was a "useful idiot"- apparently a tool of those same forces that I had denounced.

I suppose that got my Irish up a bit, and I responded in kind. I wasn't going to take up Aly's challenge to delve into a discussion of the politics involved re: the State of Israel, foreign policy and the influence of the Israel lobby (not to mention the inexhaustible subject of anti-Semitism).

I apologize for my comment regarding the Potocols.That was a cute comment, with unfortunate implications.

aly said...

TTC, Please forgive me making one last -last- comment. But after reading breathnach's last comment:
breathnach, I want to apologize to you. I did not affirmatively call you a "useful idiot". I used the negative, Do Not (be). But I see that essentially it was sarcastic and patronizing. I had no right to be. So I do apologise and do hope you will accept. And as TTC says we can move on. Thanks for hearing me.