Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pope Francis First Appointment to Curia: Fr. Jose Rodriquez

Second in command at the Office for Religious Orders.

Reading the spin of the secular media outlets and journalists notorious for teaching Catholics infidelity at National Catholic Reporter -et al, the appointment is a sign that the Holy Father will order the polyester pants of nuns now under the scrutiny of the Holy See to be foisted and hung in the Sanctuaries beside the galeros.  He is signaling the return of the nuns who teach licentiousness to Christ's flock.

They cracked the code earlier in the week.  Apparently, the Holy Father's reformation of the Holy See will be to transfer anyone who upholds Church teaching.  It all became crystal clear when he said that women have an important and fundamental role in the Church and kissed a little girl in St. Peter's Square. These actions signal he will contradict infallible teachings of the Church and ordain women.

What I heard the Holy Father say was that women have always had the significant role of passing on the faith to their children and grandchildren.  Always have, always will.   It was a gentle invitation and reminder that Christ entrusted His most precious job to women.  The most rewarding work is right under their noses.

Others see subliminal messages from the Pope.

They've concluded the Pope will exercise his authority for these same mothers and grandparents (who spent the last few decades appealing to Rome to discipline priests and teachers appointed to contradict Church teaching) to oust the prelates who adjudicate matters through upholding truth and Church teaching.

He's going to replace them with prelates who glorify nuns and priests and lay people who tell those same children and grandchildren not to listen to faithful parents, grandparents or Church teaching because it is hateful and oppressive.

Thus far, it still seems - at least to me - the media is misinterpreting what the Holy Father is saying.

I'm not saying he won't because I don't have a crystal ball.

Maybe the Holy Father wants to teach love by giving the children of mothers and grandmothers role models who teach love by sexually exploiting their minds and souls, thereby robbing them of salvation, so long as we work to give eggs and toast to the hungry and put a roof over the head of the homeless.

This certainly has been the protocol here in Boston, so it is not outside of the realm of possibility that the Holy Father will adopt this disordered execution and witness of love.

Perhaps the Pope has the high hope that if he suffocates truth and Church teaching and empowers those with long history of defiling the souls of those same children and grandchildren, mothers and grandmothers will entrust our families (and consequently future generation of our ancestors) into what would clearly be inspiration from the demonic and the formal erection of a counterfeit church in the Chair of Peter.

I don't know.  He doesn't look that stupid to me.

That would render that same role of women which he claims to be of critical importance, an exercise in futility. 

I don't know.  Maybe he thinks women look that stupid.

These are the facts:  We know all of the players because we've spent the last twenty years seeking relief.    We know the games. 

What you see in the public square or on television are not the kind of women who are devoted to children and grandchildren.   The Holy See does not have to play rope a dope with us.   Mothers and grandmothers interested in the salvation of their children's souls and the souls of their children's children, are not as dumb as we look, nor as weak.

We want faithful prelates appointed to our dicastries so that when we go up the chain of command to report corruption, the corrupt will disciplined and removed, sent for counseling and spiritual healing.

If he packs up faithful prelates and colonizes the Holy See with the same unjust judges and thugs who claim their false clap-happy fornicating gospels are some kind of new evangelization for the 'poor', bad end that.  Bad end.

Everyone in charge of anything - from the local parish, to every chancery and every dicastry in Rome -  is going to be needing a hefty supply of Tums and toilet paper.

We're sending the flare across the bow of the Roman Ship with words of wisdom from a very, very wise prophetess:    When Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.


Anonymous said...

The Medjugogues (as in demagogues) are trying to claim Fr. Rodriguez as one of their own, because

"[He] has visited and commented on Medjugorje…"

He has favorably commented on the Fracnsicans there but said nothing about the "apparitions" or "messages".

TTC said...

I saw that...nothing to see there!

I tried to find his writings but there is nothing out there.

We shall see!

Anonymous said...

From all I can tell he wasn't even a Bishop until Saturday, am I wrong? Pray pray pray! No one or thing will destroy Christ's Church, more and more I believe Pope Benedict was forced out. Ah, and you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction? Pray pray pray..

breathnach said...

Can we expect a whitewash of the LCWR's devotion to ideology instead of sanctity? If so, it will be a clear sign of direction for this Papacy.

TTC said...

That would be the last thingwe need!

Christ's Mystical Body is a complicated thing to grasp but so far, no cross. I'm liking the fact that he resurrected Blessed John Paul II crozier. My gut instincts are he's heading for it, even though he has yet to reveal it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about the appointment but I can see clearly how the USA-TODAY article is pure SPIN. I think "spin" should be outlawed - it is a disgusting way to talk to others. When I watch the Nightly News SPIN I always feel as if I have been lied to. On Drudge Reports or or EWTN I feel like someone is talking to me intelligently and with respect and there is TRUTH.
Anyway, the left wing heretics would love to claim a Charitable Pope as their own and in USA-Today they try to hijack Pope Francis into their camp of fools. I think they are doing this because they are either stupid or they hope that their rag USA Today magazine will be the only time that the Sheeple get to read about the topic and then it is the ONLY MESSAGe they will ever take home. So they spin to teach the sheeple lies. I hope that they bite themselves in their own tails! I hope the press digs their own graves with their spin lies. I LOVE the traditonal Nuns and I find the new wave secularied nuns to be absolutely disgusting and they get worse when they teach the filth on their minds to children. I would rather there only be a single good nun as opposed to millions of new wave Luciferian nuns. I hope Pope Franics cleans house - world wide! I wish bishops would clean house of heretical nuns and colleges and sweep the Luciferian masonic liberals out of the chanceries. Personally I have hope for Pope Francis. I think he may try and also be a god example. Thus far I LOVE Pope Francis! I hope he tells us the 3rd Secret of Fatima because I think there is more.

ur olde friend

Percy said...

Another set of shoes drops:

Anna Lynskey said...

My shoes are very much in place.

While the Pope is giving an indication he feels incapable of exercising right judgment on his own and must therefore outsource, I very much doubt he is aware that Cardinal O'Malley's idea of governance reform is appointing characters from Robin William's Birdcage.

I doubt we'll be seeing that freak show at the Vatican again. That's the crowd that's being displaced.

Even if he does, he has no doubt been informed that the butler was just a flare across the bow of the Ship from the bunker loaded to the ceiling with Maplethorpe - if you catch my drift.

The first two prelates appointed in America are ultra faithful to the teachings of the Church and he gave a homily this week about rigidity of Church teachings.