Monday, April 15, 2013

Pope Francis reaffirms Crackdown on Dissident US Nuns

Wherein Carol is breathing again.

The reformation of Catechesis for our children and grandchildren is back on track.

Thank you Jesus, Mary and every Saint and Archangel in our 2000 years whom we have petitioned over this last month.

I don't believe I ever read the quote from the head of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, Fat Farrell.

At the time, the Vatican dispatched an archbishop to rewrite the group’s statutes and set up reeducation programs to bring nuns back into line, alleging that leaders of U.S. orders had challenged the church's teachings on women's ordination and ministry to homosexuals.

The move was denounced by Pat Farrell, then the head of the organization, as creating “pain and scandal.”
Is this lady serious?

We have watched them demoralize our family, relatives, friends and strangers - had a front row seat to the turmoil sin has brought into their lives - we have watched some die in this state---and putting the skids on their damage caused them 'pain and scandal'?

That's what you call audacity.


Kd said...

Breathing easier but would be great to know you weren't in Boston today!

TTC said...

Thanks KD - home safe and sound. Glad to see you in the com box.

God help us.

M said...

I'm sure Sister Pat knows a lot about creating pain and scandal.

I don't think Pope Francis is a pushover. Hoping to hear him speak to the LCWR and mention Satan!

I suspect he will also call for prayers for us in Boston. As should Cardinal Sean.