Monday, April 15, 2013

Tragic Ending to Boston Marathon

Family all safe and accounted for - still checking on a few acquaintances who went or ran in the race.

Your safety has been in my prayers, as have all of the victims, families, police, rescue, FBI -etc.

Two more bombs have been reportedly been found, and they are searching to make sure the area is safe.  I work a block or so away but off today for Patriot's Day.

My Jesus Mercy.


susan said...

SO glad to hear you're OK....and prayers certainly for all the dead, injured, and their families.

Headline tomorrow will be,
"Congress says explosions show the need to disarm populace now more than ever....for the children. Dept. of Homeland Security says Tea Party members, Medal of Honor winners, and Boy Scouts all top the suspects list".

Dangerous times indeed.
May all the angels and Saints pray for us like they've never prayed's going to be a VERY hot summer.

Pauli said...

I was horrified when I heard about the bombs. I used to run marathons (when I as in shape.) There's a Saudi national in custody. Our prayers.

Steve Dalton said...

Glad to hear all members of your family are safe and accounted for carol.