Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Question for Fr. William Leahy, Jack Dunne and Boston College

Who do you think you are, giving Catholic children the idea one can mass murder and be a 'well-respected leader' promoting 'Catholic social justice' ideals?

The magnitude of apathy for the victims of Kenny's crimes against humanity cannot and should not be sustained in the public square.

What kind of witness would the Catholic Church be giving if they permitted Fr. Fahey to continue to hold his position at Boston College?

Fr. Leahy needs to be removed. His sacramental faculties should be removed.  He serves this archdiocese through the sponsorship of the Catholic Cardinal in charge of the Boston see.

Jack Dunne had the audacity to insult the intelligence of Catholics with this statement:

The BC spokesman also said that the school’s views on abortion rights remain firm. “As a Catholic institution, Boston College supports the Church’s commitment to the life of the unborn,’’ he said.
Is that right?

Would they confer an honor upon a pedophile promoting pedophilia and then stand in the public square and tell us they are committed to safety of children?

Please. Do not urinate on us and tell us it is raiing.

What they are doing will cost people their lives, and worse - their salvation.  

Action needs to be taken against Fahey and the school.

n.b. Nice story in the Boston Globe today.

The controversy over Prime Minister Enda Kenny of Ireland, who supports narrow abortion rights legislation in his country, speaking at Boston College’s commencement took a dramatic turn Friday when the head of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston declared that he will not attend the ceremony.

The announcement from Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley upped the ante in a ­debate that earlier in the week had pitted BC against the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, a group that opposes abortion rights and had strongly criticized the university for inviting Kenny.... Doyle, a BC alumnus, added that the controversy is “not the first scandal and betrayal [of church teachings] to afflict BC and probably won’t be the last.” He said that he hopes O’Malley will “perhaps contribute to the reform of that institution.”
Amen to that.

As if the situation could not possibly get any more ridiculous, graduating senior Stephanie Rice said "politics" has no place in the celebration of four years of her hard work as "President of College Democrats at Boston College".

Captain Renault, eat your heart out.


StevenD-Jasper said...

As if the situation could not possibly get any more ridiculous, graduating senior Stephanie Rice said "politics" has no place in the celebration

They should rescind her diploma for that ignorant/stupid comment.

breathnach said...


In our morally inverted society Stephanie will be a sought after PR talent. Sh'd be a natural for the Obuma WH operation. Axelrod has has her resume!!!! (15th