Saturday, June 29, 2013

A method to his madness?

Or just madness.

I'm still holding out the hope that he's lightyears ahead of me in knowing what we need to say and do as the serpent collects his heirs and own.

It's indisputable that Pope Francis has said and done things that are stupefying.

But at other times, I know that God's ways are never ours. I see something like this and wonder, in these days of the triumph and plunder of the beast, is this the emergency call to conversion? The invitation to come closer and observe.

It could be construed as the call to abandon evangelization to make disciples out of all men, by the Roman Pontiff of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. If that's what he meant to convey, he is a menace.

I'm still watching.

My gut instincts tell me that's not where he's going - at least with this one.

Let me explain why.

We've been watching the chaos of sin and destruction escalate into complete madness over the last few years.

This guy in the White House is tyrant who has clearly been given the power to destroy everything and kill us all, in every corner of the world.

All of us have been asking Our Lord what He would have us do.

There is no other answer but step up the conversion. As fast and efficiently as we can.

The other day, I was speaking to a gentleman who worships Jesus in some Christian megachurch.

He is a good, decent, loving, kind and holy man who loves our Beloved and his fellow human beings. He is actively engaged doing what he can to make this world a better place for underprivileged and suffering.

He is a convert from islam. He was born in the middle east and saw the murdering tyrants kill his relatives, friends, neighbors and countrymen in front of his eyes. He fled. Made his way to the US. Assisted his relatives out and converted to Christianity.

In greeting him hello, how are ya, he will sometimes say every day that the soldiers are not at our door, we are well and it is a good day.

Sometimes we will briefly speak about Catholicism. He clearly has read and heard the urban legends of the secular press. He'll repeat something that clearly puzzles him and I briefly explain the spiritual and theological, the intimacy, the Sacraments. The conversations are productive in disarming the misinformation.

I bumped into him early in the week and he told me he often thinks of me when somebody speaks about Catholicism to him. The conversation somehow led to the puzzlement of our practice of a celibate priesthood.

We briefly talked about the history and then I explained the spiritual power of it in terms I thought he could relate to - his relationship with his wife. How in his love and respect for her and their relationship, he disciplines his thoughts, actions, temptations, urges to keep his relationship intimate and healthy. I explained how Catholic theology develops the same kind of discipline to deeper intimacy with Christ through and with the Sacraments and the fruits of our Sacraments.

I reminded him of the spiritual power behind fasting with prayer, how sexuality is a magnificent gift, and the men who choose to forbear it are doing so as the ultimate sacrificial offering to God. He offers the fasting to God and with prayers of intercession, the people reap the benefit. It is the highest form of fasting prayer for a man -- which he agreed!!

I briefly explained how the fasting from whatever we fast from, be it something bad like sin - or something good like foods we like to eat - can and is something we offer to God to assist the efficacy of our prayers. Food is great but we can use it in unhealthy and harmful ways. We also can fast from it in conjunction with prayers. There are people who sell cupcakes and greasy foods. We know what foods are not good for us but we are tempted. There are nurses who teach how to use food property. What to forbear to keep us healthy with whatever medical conditions we may or may not have.

The same applies to sex. It's great under all the right circumstances which cannot be defined outside of God because it is a gift from Him. There are people out there who sell bad ways to use it and we are tempted. Much like a nurse, there are Catholics who evangelize the healthy ways sex is used and when to forbear temptations of those unhealthy ways.

I could see a light go on.

Concentrate on every person around you and if a door opens, witness to the truth.

I have another story to tell tomorrow.

Like Noah building his Ark - we can only do what we can do and invite. It's always a small crew that avoids the calamity that comes with the gross abandonment of God in a culture or civilization. He will always destroy it and start again. He's been known to delay the destruction if ten good people ask him for more time to work on luring people away from their captor and back into His arms.

I don't know where he's going with the disaster we have on our hands but things are not always what they seem to be on face value.


susan said...

Simply beautiful. Thank you for the reminder of the importance of witness...sometimes of late it seems much more expedient to pull the covers over one's head and all seeming so out of control, with no one listening to the voice of reason and Truth. But you are right, if just one soul is touched by the witness, it's time to step-it-up and get busy...maybe Frank Sheed and Maisie Ward style? :)

As to your first part with the link about the Bishop of Rome's expected appointments, at least one name on that list stopped the blood in my veins. Piero Marini is a terrifying choice as head of the CDW, in fact, it could hardly be worse. In respect for his office I will stop there. Pray this does not come about.

susan said...

A couple things to chew on about Marini...

Take a close look at the first 2 Q&A's at the bottom...very telling as to what he thought about Benedict and the Reform of the reform.

I admire your optimism Carol, unfortunately I can't share it.

susan said...

OK, last one for today, but it's important. We need to understand this stuff in a very clear way.

"Piero Marini was the personal secretary of Abp. Annibale Bugnini in the 1970s - and a close friend of his mentor." (Ror. Ceal.)

Marini in his book states:
They (the 'executive group' of radicals lead by Bugnini) "were known for their leadership and open-mindedness” and were “just the kind of individuals needed to advance a liturgical reform that would respond to the needs of the contemporary world.” (N. Lit. Rev.)

And this; a little long but well worth the read...

susan said...

ooops...I don't know how or why, but your link first opened me to the story at Rorate beneath the one you reference...only by reading that one (which is pretty eye-opening) do my responses make sense...sorry :(

susan said...

ok...seeing as how I really didn't comment on the referenced link, might I insert a couple brilliant comments of readers at Rorate to that post?...'Uncle' is dead-on (and actually ties in my earlier comments...)

Peter Murphy said:

What kind of differences is he talking about when he says united in our differences?

Rev. Anthony Cekada said:

As a sixties survivor, I would decode this statement (and his earlier remarks on how we should "synodality" from the Orthodox) as follows:
Francis would like to impose a revolution in governance from the top down via "synods."

…I think Francis now wants to give the bishops' synod (if not national "synods" — in effect bishops' conferences) real legislative power.

This would be consistent with his seeming program to diminish the "imperial papacy" — emphasize "Bishop of Rome," mock Renaissance princes, hint that the Curia is a stew of clerical ambition, spurn certain papal symbols, endlessly go on about "humility," etc.

There will be a lot of popular support for this sort of devolution (we are the People of God, aren't we?) and the press will push it relentlessly...

Uncle Claibourne said:

None of this should be surprising; nor should anyone be surprised if the rumors about Piero Marini turn out to be true.
This man will not "learn how to be pope," as so many wishful thinkers believe. It was obvious from the very beginning, on the night he was elected, that he already has a well-developed, and FIXED, idea of what HE thinks it means to be pope. He expects the rest of us to do the "learning." What else would one expect from an intelligent, 76-year-old man, who has spent a lifetime thinking about these things?

Will the Holy Ghost prevent him from imposing outright heresy on the Church? Yes, of course, and I'm afraid that's the best we can hope for.

Will the Holy Ghost prevent him from diluting further the authority that is part of his office; from an even more radical imposition of a synodal/collegial form of governing the church, where he, the Bishop of Rome, "presides in charity," while authority over many areas devolve to the Bishops' Conferences? No, the Holy Ghost won't. I think this is exactly what Francis has in mind. And that being the case, it's easy to make a few practical observations on what may soon happen with the Liturgy.

Summorum will be modified, or simply ignored. The decision on allowing or not allowing the traditional Mass will return to the local bishop; or, more likely in my view, the liturgical committees of the Episcopal Conferences will become regional CDW's with greatly expanded powers, not only over the TLM, but most aspects of the Novus Order itself. The recent "translation wars," the arguments over "for many" vs. "for all," will simply be settled at the regional level. The "radical inculturation" of the Liturgy was the next step in the Bugnini playbook, and with Piero Marini at the helm of the CDW, that's exactly what's going to happen. Rome, by design, will have very little to say, but Piero will be quite busy working with his like-minded confreres in the regions to implement that decentralized/radical vision.

I would love to be wrong about this. I would prefer that the "give him time to learn to be pope!" folks are right. but I don't think they are. It's not hard to see where things are going; it wasn't hard to figure it out from the moment he stepped out onto the loggia of St. Peter's. Unless there's some kind of Divine Intervention, we have several SEVERELY DIFFICULT years ahead of us.

"Fasten your seatbelts! It's going to be a bumpy night."
29 June, 2013 14:00

rubyroad said...

Thank you, Carol, for a wonderful article.

Anonymous said...

Abp. Piero Matini to the Congregation for Divine Worship: The champaign corks are popping at modern liturgy locales such as Pray Tell