Saturday, June 29, 2013

Justice Kennedy calls religious and morally convicted Americans enemies of the human race.

Do you think the name Kennedy is cursed?

Where is Kennedy going with this?

People who don't climb on board the reckless abandon of moral and natural law, not to mention common sense, are enemies of the human race to this clown.

How disconnected from reality can you get?

Forget about the taste of Kennedy's obvious religious bigotry and malicious insult.

The man actually thinks that people who care enough not to hoodwink others into their own destruction are enemies of the human race.

There is nothing more revolting than being forced to observe a jerk who has unhinged himself from God and sanity lead others into the abyss.

I just can't get over how boldly a SCOTUS judge would pronounce the laws of our Republic are now grounded in making enemies of the human race out of those who hold religious and moral convictions.

Dear Justice Kennedy:

You knock yourself out pal.

So long as you know what your declaration of war means.

We'll never get on your Titanic no matter what you do to us, including killing us.

Your reckless abandon of respect of human life and your brothers and sisters will eventually take you there.

After all, what the next logical step to stopping enemies of the human race but for the government to dispose of them?

Your counselor will take you there.

He always has and he always does.

He is first a liar and then he tees you up for suicide, homicide or genocide.

We see what you are doing to our brothers and sisters in the middle east and we know it will be our fate. As soon as you can feed enough countrymen your hatred of God and truth, what is right and good and holy, our blood will be in the streets.

But know this: We will never, ever, ever, ever stop telling the people you are luring into your swamp that what you're telling them will lead to misery and destruction.


breathnach said...


Soon after apostate Kennedy was appointed to the SCOTUS, he spoke at a Red Mass luncheon of the Boston Catholic Lawyers Guild. He was heralded by the pro-lifers and activist conservative Catholics as a great advocate for Catholicism in the public square. I also recall pro-lifers urging me to support Brian Joyce, now a MA state senator, as a great pro-life voice. You can now see where these moral cowards have ended up. Both promoting the Culture of Death and the transvaluation of all values.

JB said...

"Kennedy" comes from an old irish word meaning, more or less, "ugly misshapen head."