Thursday, June 27, 2013

Barack Hussein's Troops Have Beheaded Orthodox Bishop in Syria - RIP

Obama's ethnic cleansing of Christians continues with the brutality of a demon.

He has murdered the orthodox bishops who were kidnapped in April.

The muslims Obama is supplying with weapons and money to carry out his agenda are executing us like there is no tomorrow.

I've read comments in the TTC comments section about perhaps thinking all of the insanity around us signals the end.

I don't think so.

Obama has yet to roll it out.

When he does, his armed forces will be gunning Christians down in our Churches, in the streets and in our own homes.

The United States is gone. Gonzo.

You'd really have to have your head in the sand not to see the diabolical circling the wagons.

This is a good read from Fr. Longenecker.

You know what gets me?

It is all the fruit of the rotten trees at nearly every Chancery in the United States.

The culture pimps who just happen to be the bishops pets.

The Bryan Hehirs. Garritys. Unnia. Fr. Butterballinos. Josomas. Coynes. Sassanis.

If it were the enemy, it would be easier to take.

Voris has an updated report on the culture pimps at the Holy See.

Nothing we didn't already know or suspect.

The Windswept House was not fiction, including the demonic worship.

Some cretin who got out of jail and tried to put them over a barrel to be reinstated went to the police when they wouldn't. They've got the pics and videos.

Still, it is really something to think they could finally all be going out in handcuffs.

It is alleged they cruised gay bars and promised young gay men and/or teenagers modeling contracts. Seduced them and then enslaved them into some kind of prostitution ring for the Roman priests and prelates.

See it and weep.


StevenD-Jasper said...

more bad news, head of the CCHD was treasurer for awful pro-abort Texas politician - Wendy Davis

aly said...

I weep.

Lynne said...

StevenD-Jasper, that's not bad news. That's news we can use as justification for continuing to not donate to CCHD. It certainly isn't surprising.

Anonymous said...

TTC said...

arrested by who? LOL

The same Vatican police that arrested the butler? LOL.

I'm always afraid they will come and get me. HAH.

Seriously - this is very interesting. Didn't the newspapers say he had videos and pics?

TTC said...

n.b. to anon - I deleted your post as I could not find any news source I am familiar with reporting the pedophile mouthpiece's arrest. If it comes out in the press, I'll put back up.

Thanks for the news.

Anonymous said...

There is a dozen or more reports in various online Italian new sources. Do a Google translation of any of them. The Rorate Caeli weblog has referenced and and linked to one of them. I selected the above for its detail.

An article on the arrest of a Vatican monsignor and two Italian officials on illegal cash transfers, which has been reported in two American onine sources ( and The State: South Carolina's Homepage), briefly mentions Poggi's arrest.

TTC said...

ok, thanks for heads up. I did poke around and couldn't come up with much. Computer stalled at the link you provided for some reason and wouldn't load. Perhaps the server is busy from too many readers. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Being reported in more English-language sources such as Catholic World Report (linking to one of the Italian articles) and The Times of London.

The video/pics are of highlighted parts from his complaint naming the allegedly involved churchmen and of official file photos of them.

TTC said...

I posted your link in the other thread, which is more pertinent to content. I tried to post it here again, but it won't link. Mea culpa.