Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Lavender Mafia at the Holy See - They had a good run.

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Ex-Fr. Pogggi totally fabricated the story and has been arrested for slander; the only substantial report thus far available in English:

Former priest arrested in Rome for fake paedophile claims: Police say his plan was 'slanderous'

Rome, June 28 - A former priest, Patrizio Poggi, was taken into custody on Friday in Rome for aggravated and continuous slander after having reported the existence of a criminal organization aimed at recruiting youths, including underage boys, for alleged prostitution services to members of the local clergy. Investigations that led to the arrest of the man ''demonstrated how Poggi conceived and put in action a slanderous plan, presenting circumstances that were false'', according to a statement by police. The man's actions were driven by ''resentment tied to personal reasons''.
A more detailed account (in Italian) at