Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Breaking News: Pope sets up special review!

Of how the shepherds are dutifully taking care of...

Are you ready?

The money.

In other news, Pope Francis said Joan Chittister is as important as a Pope.

We are all living stones.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

Peter Paul and Mary.

He explained.

When you are Baptised, you are a living stone.

What does a living stone make you think about?

A building.  Construction.

That means We are church!

Get it?

He said have you ever noticed how ugly tired people are?

Do a little dance.  Make some love.  Get down tonight!


susan said...

God have mercy...sweet God in Heaven have mercy.

Meanwhile, amerika is one step closer to full coerced acceptance/approval of sodomy "marriage"; Pelosi mocks Catholic teaching and the Church in the MOST outlandish and arrogant rant to date; Dolan (papabile!) scandalizes the faithful, who actually KNOW their Faith, once again; the head of the CDF praises Liberation Theology and says it's about time we took a second look at it; and on and on. And this inane, insipid drivel is what's coming out of the Vatican. Sweet God, if this isn't the end, I do NOT want to be around to see it.

Pope St. Pius V, PRAY FOR US!!!

aly said...

Am I having a nightmare?

Dymphna said...

Way back in the 80s there was a song on a Miami Vice episode called You make me wanna cry. I'm hearing in my head now.

susan said...

And this just in...Assploding hypocracy...

ASSPLODING. This from the guy who bolted town the night before NY voted to make it legal, putting up ZERO fight; who still gives Cuomo (and Biden) Holy Communion, yucking it up with them...cause of course, he can't say they're not Catholics in good standing...that would be...'unpastoral'. But he's outraged....oh boy is he outraged....till the next big donor dinner to which he personally invites them and their ilk, gafawing while feeding them lobster and kobi steak. He was a heartbeat away from being pope!...and still yet may be.

But not to worry...the Bishop of Rome is on it....

Yep, he's calling on the UN....the evil U-fickin-N to solve 'food disparity'. But hey, it has nothing to do with the socialist/marxist dictators who keep out of the hands of their people the HUGE amounts of food the US sends out of the largesse of our hearts and the blessings of a free capitalist system.....naaaawww, nothing to do with that. Capitalism=evil; socialism=good.

He's made idols out of poverty and a stubborn, false 'humility'. Meanwhile, souls continue to starve in a sea of confusion, public scandal, timidity, and Liturgical brutalism. Nightmare indeed.

What planet am I on?

TTC said...

I thought the same thing.

These are the men who hired the teachers and priests who taught everyone sex with a condom is clap happy sacrament. The same men who ordained communists who helped elect a mass murderer of children and Christians.

These are the same men who have slandered, maligned, bullied and threatened parents who begged them for 30 years to stop the heretics they employ from demoralizing our children and grandchildren.

These are the prelates who protected and promoted priests who are spiritual pimps for the gay community and women and children.

What an insult it is to truth to feign their concern about souls now.