Saturday, June 15, 2013

Just do it.

Bill Donohue has the same response we do

You don't need a group of eight other people to tell you what to do about your corrupt employees.

The person in charge fires them.

That would be you, Dear Pope.

Spending time with the people who work in the kitchen is refreshing.

But when you are doing it to avoid what you are supposed to be doing, it's dysfunction.


Sully said...

Sistah! I'm checking in on you from time to time you know. ;-)

I am hoping, I am appealing, for you to have a tiny slit of a little beginning of an opening to this Pope of ours. To me the acts are a dream come true:

Condemning homosexual marriage and adoption

Dope slapping radical nuns

Condemned materialism

Identifying the Gay Lobby in the Vatican

He has only been there two months! Now we must stack that up against the grave offense of...a footwashing? Which footwashing, btw, commemorated our Lord's example
that the Master of all shall be the servant of all. And if the Muslims having their feet washed ever had a hint of THAT implication (that the Pope is the Master of even other religions) they would be the ones complaining.

There you have it, McKinley!

TTC said...

Sully, So nice to hear from you!

The great thing about my readers is, they keep my feet to the fire!

I've been open to this Pope - and calling for people to cool their jets. But of late, truth be told, a pattern is emerging that is shaping into a tapestry that is concerting.

Appointing a committee to give you advice on what you need to do with corrupt employees - especially when some of them have stacked the deck with corrupt employees in their own fiefdoms - is too far fetched for me. It's just not good enough. It is dangerous.

Letting him know when things are going over like a lead balloon is critical communication.

He is just revving his engines though, and I am loving the return of affection and intimacy and I thank you for tucking me back in.

Love to you and yours,

TTC said...

Don't know what happened to the dis but it I typed disconcerting!