Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Happy Prostitute

Brazilians tried to put the spin on the sexual exploitation of women and children - they're happy to be living on the streets and be the sexual repositories for creeps.

It didn't blow over well.

This is another manifestation of the concept that victims of poverty, poor catechesis, intellectual, emotional and/or spiritual maladies are told by the neopagans running the government that what they are doing, or more appropriately, what they are having done to them, is delightful.

The amoral and immoral sexual appetite of the neopagan culture can never be satisfied.   History demonstrates that that they will eventually come for the children.     

The government is in the process of indoctrinating children into believing human sexuality is about stimulation and finding a person to reach orgasm - and that this is happiness.  The misery that follows that lifestyle is painted over with giddy and pride.

There is nothing stopping the legalization of pedophila, and even civil unions or marriages to children.

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