Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pope Francis Off the Cuff - Stai Zitto!

Ferme la grande bouche.

Pope Francis off-the-cuff has been should I put's been..... a bit of a freak show

If there is any truth to the published reports, we certainly have a problem on our hands.  At best imprudence and at worst, an individual who has absolutely no resect for the teaching authority of the Roman Catholic Church.

Let's review the week, shall we?

He's told children that being elected Pope is something to reject because it isn't a ministry that serves people.  He's a people person.

Christ sure had some dumb ideas, I guess.

So much for his three years walking around teaching and curing...I'm assuming they were PEOPLE?

It begs the questions:   Aren't the people who work at or visit the Vatican people?   Aren't the people he visits in other countries people?

He seems to be confusing the Papacy with the Carmelites.

Somebody show him pictures of the 2000 years of Popes, will you?

Then, he said the gay prelates did pull a coup de tat at the Vatican, but he is too disorganized to know how to walk down the hall and fire them. He needs a team of people - at least one of whom inculturated his diocese with more homopromiscuity than a hot night in in July in Provincetown.

Yesterday, we learned that the Pope is wringing his hand in concern for the moonbats who sent him a spiritual bouquet of decades of the Rosary they said for him. They are people who never left the 1940s, says he.

Organizing people to say the Rosary and letting him know the intensity and power behind those prayers - that's something the sitting Pope tells anecdotes about so he and his audience can ROFLOL.

To him, they're as crazy as bedbugs, doing things that even don't exist anymore!!   Why, they'er bad as the pagan women who take baths instead of praying!


Today, we read that he told his audience the CDF is pish posh.  Yeah, that's right - pay no attention to the CDF.  He wants to build a church that makes mistakes.  Get it?

But here was the kicker:  he's opting out of making the mistakes that bring consequences to his own backside:

Pray for me... that I make mistakes the least possible.

Hello hypocrisy.

There is a reason why 2000 years of Popes icksnay on the spontaneous chatteray. 

Saints preserve us!

 I think we better start hunkering down and praying for the man.  He is going to be under siege.


Theresa said...

All of this does not bode well. I`ve read a number of Fr Malachi Martins books and listened to his tapes. This inner sanctum group of the diabolically disoriented have held control for some time now and are not about to fade off into the sunset. The Holy Fathers` statements certainly come off as one who is at a loss as to what he should do. Whether he realizes it or not those counted rosaries are precisely what he needs...not to mention the Trads who prayed them.

Steve Dalton said...

When I hear of the latest faux pas of the current Holy Father, I'm reminded of an old Italian dialect song that was very popular some years back. It was "Whatsa Mater You?!" Every time he says something, he creates confusion upon confusion. If he can't say anything that makes sense, he ought to take the advice of the songs punch line, "Shut up your Face!" I'm sorry if my remarks sound scandalous to some, but unless he's teaching the deposit of faith, in which he has infallibility, he should be silent on things he doesn't know anything about.

StevenD-Jasper said...

wow, this bad news. I was going to comment on the latest video from Nancy 'the terrible' Pelosi, but this is worse.