Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dear Pope Francis: The Elephant is in the Room

A friend passed along this article, wherein the Pope said that there is a group of gay prelates in the Holy See that is strategically working to undermine Church teaching and rob Catholics of their salvation.

He says he just can't fix it on his own because he is disorganized.

Let us help him:

1. Identify said prelates.
2. Walk into their office.
3. Tell them they are relieved of their duties.
4. Put the next in command in charge of that office or dicastry.
5. Encourage and persuade them to intensive spiritual counseling and healing with the Sacraments.

That's it.  One by one, relieve them of their duties.  Tomorrow is good.

With all due respect to the Holy Father - how could he have selected a Bishop who has inculturated our schools and apostolates with the very heresies he wishes to eliminate in Rome?

If you were looking for a crackjack team to help you flush out fatsos, would you pick a thin bishop who was forcefeeding cupcakes to every child in his diocese?


susan said...


Kd said...

I too have to wonder why the Pope selected Cardinal O'Mally, he is systematically destroying the Archdiocese in so many ways. Most importantly removing the good and holy Priests and then from the other side of his mouth saying we have a shortage of Priests! How stupid does he think we, the ones doing the disservice to the Church are?

Theresa said...

None of this is too shocking to me anymore . It seems our Holy Father finds the bouquets of rosaries sent to him to be possible signs of pride from those who sent them, due to the fact that this particular group had counted them. We have to accept that our Hierarchy is VII all the way and Cardinal O`Malley is the poster boy for all things nicey nice in our VII church. I foolishly hoped the hug a tree crowd was retiring...I can see that was wishful thinking.

Theresa said...

Michael Voris has quite an informative video about the thirty six page document concerning the Homoheresy in the church ...there is a link available to read it as well. God Bless Pope Benedict XVI..it makes one wonder if these evil creatures pushed and pushed until he had to resign!!! This document is well worth reading.

TTC said...

Thanks Theresa.

Really, he has got to be kidding.