Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Acting the Maggot

It pains me to say it, but the immaturity of this man's faith takes one's breath away.

Here's an action that is sharp as a beach ball.

Putting a beachball and t-shirt on the Altar is about useful to a Sanctuary as a back pocket on a shirt.

Here's a guy who knows how to make holiness look fun.

Yes, if gay priests can have sex when they are young priests and we can all discard our marriages thrice, won't that be fun.

I look forward to Pope Francis's Manifesto on treating wives and children as disposable several times. That's what you call real respect for women.

What about the poor heterosexual who take up a fling with the school principal. I hope the Pope has some jokes about heterosexual priests who have a fling or two.


Anonymous said...

Not sure this went thru the first time, i do believe in prophesies, i do I do.

My child, the deceit, which the world will face, will be so difficult to discern, that only those who surrender to God and place all their trust in my Son, will be able to endure the trials, which lie ahead.

I gave the world the prophecies in 1917, but the last secret of Fatima was not revealed, so terrifying was it for those within the Catholic Church.

The last secret of Fatima still remains unknown to God’s children, although part of it was revealed to you on 26 January, 2012. Very few within the Church are privy to this. Now, the next part of the final secret of Fatima must be revealed, so that I can warn humanity of the consequences of ignoring my intervention to help save souls.

The Church has been infested, from the inside, by enemies of God. They – and there are twenty of them who control from within – have created the greatest deceit. They have elected a man, not of God, while the Holy Father, accorded the Crown of Peter, has been carefully removed.

The details, which I revealed, are that there would be two men wearing the Crown of Peter in the end times. One will suffer because of lies which have been created to discredit him and which will render him a virtual prisoner. The other one elected will bring about the destruction, not only of the Catholic Church, but of all churches which honour my Father and who accept the Teachings of my Son, Jesus Christ, Saviour of the world.

There can only be one head of the Church on Earth, authorised by my Son, who must remain pope until his death. Anyone else, who claims to sit in the Seat of Peter, is an imposter. This deceit has one purpose, to turn souls over to Lucifer and there is little time for such souls, who will be none the wiser, to be saved.

Children, you must only heed one warning, now. Do not deviate from the Teachings of my Son. Question every new doctrine, which may be presented to you and which professes to come from my Son’s Church on Earth. The Truth is simple. It never changes. My Son’s Legacy is very clear. Do not allow anyone to cloud your judgement.

Soon the Fatima prophecies will make sense. All is now taking place before a disbelieving world, but sadly, very few will understand until it is too late. Pray, pray, pray my Most Holy Rosary, as often as possible, every single day, in order to dilute the effect of the evil, which surrounds you.

susan said...

Where is the prophecy from and was it approved? By the reference to 2012 it appears very recent....Medjiugorji?

Be VERY careful in accepting all 'prophecy' as being from a holy source....many have been led to hell that way. As screwed up as things are, we are still in the one Church instituted by Christ for the salvation of mankind, containing the fullness of Truth, safeguarded by the Holy Spirit. We have many 'bad actors' at various positions of the helm, but guess what?...thus ever has it been.

Do NOT fall into the pit of sedevacantism; it is a chasm leading to hell. And if some prophetic vision tells you otherwise, RUN from the vision as though from the plague.

I have no doubt we are all in for rocky times; it appears to be setting up to be a real corporate (and personal) Gethsemane for the Church and Her faithful, but to jump out of the Barque of Peter (no matter how daft Peter is acting), is spiritual suicide.

Pray for discernment, pray for steadfastness in the face of suffering, TEST THE SPIRITS and don't believe every mystical vision because it fits a worldview, don't be Apocalyptic until you hear the trumpets and see the clouds parting...this little dog-and-pony show could go on for another billion years, because aside from all outward appearances, there are still more than 10 good people left. Go to Adoration, console our Lord and read Scripture there, ask for true wisdom, and don't look for 'novelties'..."for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light".

Might I ask a favor of this wonderful, intelligent, and forebearing group of commentors and readers of this MOST magnificent and brilliant blog (all of whom I have come to consider in a real sense as 'family')? your kindness and charity, would you please say a prayer for me? I know there are others on your lists who deserve it more, but I am in great need. I will remember you all in mine. Thanks and God bless you. And most of all, thanks to the magnificent McKinley, who is a friend and holy warrior par excellence.

Anonymous said...

The above "prophecy" is from Maria Divine Mercy. She has been officially condemned by the Slovakian Confefrencde of Catholic Bishops (see and by Archbishop Denis Hart of Melbourne, Australia (see

Jimmy Akin had written a good piece about her on his blog: "9 things you need to know about 'Maria Divine Mercy'" at

Caroline said...

Susan, I will most definitely keep you in prayer..+

, said...

Susan, you have my prayers! So many need prayers and your on the list now too.

susan said...

Caroline and (? 5:13),

God bless you for your have no idea what a gift prayer is to me, and how very much I appreciate it.

Thank you!

Lynne said...

Susan, I'll add your intentions to my rosary tonight.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warning on prophesy.i discern it all including " the churches" approval/condemning of them. I do believe I know what is or isn't against Church Doctrine. Funny the Bishops are quick to say no one can interrupt the Bible yet Bible Study groups are rampant in church throughout the Diocese run By the laity! Feelings, whoa whoa feelings, they're the first to tell me what is or isn't true.

Susan you and your intentions are is all my prayers, may God Bless and Protect you and may Our Blessed Mother grace you with peace ....

TTC said...

Susan, your intentions are before Our Beloved at His Holy Sacrifice.

We have the Prophetic Words of Christ which tell us everything we need to know about how it will all blow up.

The devil comes and he collects his own and before he does it, he has to bait them. There is nothing we can do to stop it, no matter how painful it is to watch them being baited and carried away.

If the Pope changes doctrine in the official and formal way. So be it. You won't catch me defiling my soul and mind or degrading my gifts - and good luck to the people who do.

Leaving the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ, in His Mystical Body, where we are fed the Eucharist?

That is laughable.

That would be like leaving my children because there are piles of laundry and dirty dishes in their room.

Susan is absolutely right on. If anyone tries to convince you to leave Christ's Mystical Body - RUN AWAY.

TTC said...

The Church of Christ is filled to the rafter with saints. There is a Judas for every eleven. Find the eleven, close the door behind you. The plagues will pass.

Kd said...

TTC aka Carol, God Bless YOU! You always say the rut thing, The Holy Spirit is Your Guide, keep up the Crusade!

susan said...

I just wanted to share with you guys that at Adoration this evening, I can't begin to describe to you the feeling of calm and peace I felt descend upon me....and the meditation was sweet beyond words. I haven't felt that release for some time now. I truly felt your prayers around me like a blanket, and I thanked our Lord (with tears in my eyes) for the Communion of Saints.

You all are like spiritual Motrin! :)

I realize that Providence may have me back in the salt mines tomorrow, but I am basking in the peace tonight. Have a wonderful and blessed weekend, and thank you again!

TTC said...

Susan, great to hear!

It is an incredibly powerful group of prayer warriors. It is a family, and we are blessed.

I am also grateful for everyone's prayers and kind words of support over these past few days. Nobody says the right thing all the time. Some of us are better at it than others. The Bishop of Rome, not so much. We are in for a bumpy ride.

I really believe that at the end if the day, we have a bull in the china shop. It is a bull who loves much. His love affair is more with the human as it is with Divinity and that immaturity is manifesting itself all over the place.

Homosexuality is not something somebody is. It is a behavior. An adultery. Like every other form of adultery, it can never be something we ask God to be at peace with. Adultery is diametrically opposed to God.

His statement demonstrates a gross theological immaturity. He is recommending his priests live in a state where Sacramental Grace cannot root.

It is mind boggling.

There is an aversion to giving to God what is Holy.

The diabolical disorientation is something that was and is going to take something extraordinary to break through.

At the end of the day, he who loves much, much is forgiven.

The sh@t show is going to drive us crazy. I have a feeling we are in the days of the harvest and the trick will be keeping our eyes on the ground game. To water the seeds he is planting in the valley of the weeds.

StevenD-Jasper said...

Susan, you are in my prayers. God bless!

yes, the salt mines, it's hard to avoid them. Never surrender though.

susan said...

Amen to that StevenD....amen to that!