Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Monsignor Arthur Coyle has a rough weekend

He was arrested on Monday for soliciting a prostitute for oral sex behind a Lowell Cemetery.

I feel sorry for the man. There is a desperation in the recklessness of the act.

I continue to believe that the Archdiocese is negligent in its duty to teach and procure the harvest of holiness and celibacy, how to recognize when one of their own is floundering and take the appropriate actions.

Instead, it is a spin machine that practices deception.

The fruit is manifesting itself everywhere.

Prayers for Monsignor Coyle and his feckless and incompetent superiors.


Anonymous said...

He took the " go make trouble" literally!

Anonymous said...

Acoording to various news reports, the monsignor's presence in disreputable areas is well known to the the police; for example, from http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/08/06/boston-area-priest-busted-with-a-prostitute-in-a-graveyard/ :

A Police report showed that Coyle was observed “well over a dozen different times” driving through areas frequented by prostitutes since last November. The report said that the priest would stop “every time he sees a single female or a known prostitute.”

After being stopped in November, he told officers that he was “just driving around.”

Anonymous said...

I know Msgr. Coyle professionally and personally always had good interactions with; however, I do know of one wrongly accused Priest (who has been cleared by Rome) he treated in a less than charitable manner in the past. I hope whether guilty or innocent he is treated with charity but I do feel that this incident can as a Caveat to all those in the Chancery in their dealings with people in this situation....they may find themselves there someday.

Anonymous said...

Carol, men have "needs", know what I mean?

I think it's pretty sleazy of the local media to publish this stuff, damage the Monsignor's reputation, etc.
And pretty low of the Lowell police to put this on the police blotter! The cop should've said, "hey, Father, get out of here and go home"!

I dunno, Carol, maybe I'm missing something, and to tell the truth, I don't see how the higher-ups in the Archdiocese can be blamed for his behaviour.

Your friend,

TTC said...

I also know of a falsely accused priest who was treated in a less than charitable manner by Monsignor Coyle in the past. He was nowhere near the worst of the bunch, but I hear you and affirm your observation.

Here are my questions.

Do you think upon questioning Pope Francis, he would say if the man looks in his heart and between the Lord and Monsignor Coyle they decide he's a heterosexual, Who is the Church to Judge, if the man goes to confession and repents?

Why isn't the man nicknamed Butterball, who helped with a gay porn book, also suspended by the Archdiocese?

TTC said...

Men have needs?


That is an ancient urban legend that is used as an excuse for the stuff they want to do after watching porn, or spending time concocting images in their heads to get the equipment pumped up and ready for some action.

Men have control over their thoughts just like women do.

All they have to do is discipline their thoughts away from the thoughts and images if Caligula.

When a man uses his brain cells to tee up images and stories in their head to get an erection, that is a habit. Which can turn into a compulsion due to the nature of the deadly sin of lust.

My eye there is a need!!

The Chancery has a different habit.

They are stuck in their decades old practice of compulsive deception. It is in everything they say and do. When a priest is lost, they do not give a damn. Just like they do not care about the children whom they are charged with teaching the tools necessary for the salvation of souls. They do not care about any of us. They have repeatedly demonstrated that we can all go to hell as far as they are concerned.

Are they accountable?

You betcha.

The Monsignor is a grown man and responsible for his own actions.

But the negligence in the duty of spiritual care of their priests is on the wizards in the Chancery.

TTC said...

Remember one thing. Right before Christ's death, he speaks to the Father about His accountability.

He tells the Father that He didn't lose a single one of His charges, except for the son of the devil. Those who belong to the devil are in the creek without a paddle. We have a front row seat to the harvest. It is painful.

By the Grace if God, Monsignor was intercepted. He is one lucky dude. A soul found worthy of a big kick in the backside. He is back on the road to repentance and redemption.

Praise you Jesus. Thank you Jesus.

Steve Dalton said...

Soliciting for sex behind a cemetery? Reminds me of Prov.7:27.

Anonymous said...

We can pray for the priest and pray for the Lady who "works" in such dangerous places - they both need prayer and are very welcome to our prayers and the fountain of Mercy from Jesus.

Father is not going to tell us to change Church Teachings to fit his sins - that is the difference.

Anonymous said...

Re: the report that Monsignor Coyle was struggling since November - all I have to say about that is, how would you like to be surrounded by people who either don't have the interest in you to notice or give a damn as you are doing down the sinkhole.

I feel sorry for the Boston presbyterate. I really do.

I thank God for the people who love me enough -- or rather love God enough - to save me from myself - or worse, the temptations of the devil.