Thursday, July 11, 2013

Check It Out: American Voters Signing onto Repealing the Bill of Rights

Frightening stupidity of the American population.

The forbearance of the poor sucker making the video is heroic.


Anonymous said...

That is so funny but also frightening in that people seem hypnotized by Obama as they were with Hitler.

Dumb Sheeple!

But these ignorant fools can tell us what Justin Beaver tweated or discuss the contract details of steroid-filled ball players and they know how much beer they need to guzzle to toss up their GMO chips - total idiots!

Thank God there are normal people here in the Tenth Crusade or I'd think the whole world has been invaded by Green Bean Pod People.

susan said...

Giving up their birthright for waaaaay less than a bowl of porridge.

And I am so happy and excited to say that I don't even know what GMO chips are, let alone how to toss them up. Yay! :)