Friday, July 12, 2013

Enduring Until the End

I was watching souls
going down into the abyss
as thick and fast as snowflakes
falling in the winter mist.
~Blessed Benedict Joseph Labre

I was glad to see Mark Mallet update his blogearlier this week. He has been struggling with the decay of civilization, how to serve Our Lord and also keeping food on the table for his family. The level of diabolical, he questioned his efficacy, whether the commitment was worth the results.

We have all been there done that.

More than once.

Even Christ experienced it.

But the thing is, we know the answers before we even finish expressing the frustration. It's evangelizing and enduring until the end. In spite of everything.

I've always loved today's readings. I love them even more now that we are actually witnessing the bloody martyrdom of Christians in our own generation.

They are soooo misunderstood.

Christ doesnt' save us from persecution and death. Christ's enemy uses his power to influence people to kill us. The body and soul require two separate slayings. The idea behind killing the body is to get us to surrender our soul to the devil in the process.

I laughed out loud during the readings today at the part when Christ tells us that when we are handed over to be killed, not to worry about what we are going to say.

Are you kidding me Lord?

That's exactly what I'm worried about.

It will take everying You've got to stop me from screaming "you no good so and sos"!

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susan said...

"It will take everying You've got to stop me from screaming "you no good so and sos"!

HA!!! With you girlfriend! :)