Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rogue Cop refused to press charges on previous assault by Amy Lord's suspected murderer.

As Boston readers are no doubt aware, there was a terrible tragedy in Boston earlier this week, when a young, beautiful woman was kidnapped, forced to go to five ATMs to withdraw her money and then brutally stabbed to death.

The suspect was apprehended, as he continued his rampage against white women in South Boston and one of them got away and was able to call the police.

It turns out Amy Lord's murder could have been prevented.

In September of last year, the suspect - who has a long history of violent criminal conduct - brutally beat a Roxbury woman and in the process, she was able to grab his wallet.

Astoundingly, when she reported the assault to the police, they refused to charge him. The victim couldn't even get a call-back.

Boston Police Commissioner has initiated an investigation of the detective Jerome Hall-Brewster.

Jerome Hall-Brewster is known to Internal Affairs.

In 2007, Jerome Hall-Brewster was involved in another rather kooky incident. In the process of arresting people on the Boston Common, the policeman were observed to be using excessive force. When an observer, Simon Gilk, started to record the incident on his cell phone, he was arrested for 'wiretapping'.

The charges were thrown out of court and Gilk filed a civil rights law suit and a complaint with Boston Police Internal Affairs.

The policemen claimed immunity all the way to the First Circuit Court of Appeals. The FCCA denied their defense of immunity, as there was no reasonable cause to arrest Gilk and the police had indeed violated Gilk's civil rights. The City paid out $170,000 to Gilk, who is an attorney. The Boston Police took disciplinary action against the three officers.

Perhaps this victim should give Gilk a call. She is lucky to be alive.

The police are suggesting women carry whistles in Boston.

There are a lot of unsavory characters in the streets, trolling. I've been skittish about carrying a purse. We ought not to.

The Boston Police Commissioner has my prayers.


StevenD-Jasper said...

"The police are suggesting women carry whistles in Boston."

whistles? why just whistles? God, these liberals are insane and dangerous, yes dangerous for white women especially. It's a women right to carry a handgun, and give the bastard a lead shower.

Pauli said...

Prayers for you, Carol.

Anonymous said...

Can we rename the "Widow Maker" gun and call it a "Whistle".

Home should be a "Man's Castle" and a "Woman's Fire Base".

Women - Defend yourself - Reload - Call 911

Telling women to carry whistles is disgusting, cowardly, and insulting to women. I say - carry a 45 with a 15 round clip and a nice little pink Widow Maker for backup and as a fashion accessory.