Thursday, July 25, 2013

Love is in the Air for Weiner

Men like Weiner are really taking advantage of the epidemic of women selling themselves cheap.

This poor thing has reduced the concept that a man loves her to the people dialing her phone to say things to her that will give himself an erection so he can take sexual pleasure in himself.

Absolutely mind boggling.

It could very well be the most pathetic case of low self-esteem and misunderstanding of love I have ever heard.

Weiner admitted to carrying on, of recent vintage, with three women.

And, he was in the lead in the race.

Earlier in the week, Weiner's wife stood beside him at a press conference to put lipstick on the pig.

God help her.

Another case study for the cheapening of intimacy, love and marriage.

Reducing the worth of her beauty, love and sexuality to nothing.

A gift to her children that will plague them with misery all the days of their lives.

I bet you're wondering what the weiner has to say?

"I thought these things would come out by the end of the campaign, and some of them have," ... "Look, I am pressing forward, running a campaign about the issues and I'm getting a good response."

Insanity knows no boundaries.

So raise your glass if you are wrong
in all the right ways
All my underdogs, we will never, never be
Anything but loud
and nitty gritty, dirty little freaks
So, raise your glass.

Update - check out the latest from Weiner here.

Mr. Weiner, appearing shaken and at times rambling as he faced reporters, revised his previous estimate of the total number of women with whom he had engaged in sexual encounters online to 10, up from 6.

But in a sign of how difficult the furor over his behavior may be to contain, he made clear he could not say for certain how many women or lewd images might yet surface.

“There are more than — there are a few,” Mr. Weiner, a Democrat, said with a stammer. “I don’t have a specific number for you.” Later, he tried to explain the sequence of his Internet relationships: “Sometimes they didn’t go consistently. Whatever.”



breathnach said...

The recent NY Times editorial calling for "Carlos Danger" (aka Anthony Weiner) to withdraw from the NY mayoralty race was simply mind-boggling. Weiner has proven to be the perfect "progressive" candidate. He has followed the hedonistic, materialistic, progressive human sexuality playbook perfectly. He has reduced sexuality to a series of animal responses that maximize his physical pleasure centers and has become a spiritually empty "self". His only shortcoming has been his preference for only one gender and species. I was completely shocked that the enlightened NY Times would show such cowardice in failing to champion this sexual hero.

TTC said...

B, there's a posting on facebook that says:

'what's worse than being a pervert?'

'dragging your wife before the press to say you are still a pervert'

this dude does not have both oars in the water.

StevenD-Jasper said...

Hillary Clinton is advising her, it's all their careers for these people. Everything else is second.

Anonymous said...

Monika Lewinsky and President (impeached) Clinton managed to get the sympathy vote for Hillary to run for president ----- so here Mayor Carlos Danger Weiner is disgracing his wife publically to get the sympathy vote out for HIS WIFE for whatever office Hillary's friend wants to run for next. Now this unknown Mrs. Danger Weiner is a household word on every Hollywood News show on TV. Oh please God, let these people pass into the junk heap of history ASAP and forever - let my prediction be wrong!

breathnach said...

Carol, The Weinermeister is a pervert's perv and he's proud of it. He struts across our polluted public square like a peacock.He is one of the mob that came to Lot's house and demanded that Lot hand over the two angels so they could be raped.

Then their is Huma, the Muslim brotherhood activist. With her we are dealing with a whole different order of evil.Power mania is the only explanation for her behavior. We may be witnessing the Muslim version of a Kim Philby or Alger Hiss (the highly placed elite Communist moles in Britain and America).

Louise said...

At last. Breathnach has finally brought to the fore the really important person in this odd couple, the one who is the real danger to our country. Is Hillary advising her on loyalty to her man or is she advising Hillary on how to be a loyal Muslim? There have been pictures of both in headscarves.

Have you wondered why the media have been ignoring the Bengahzi story? Does the fact that the closest advisor to the U.S. Secretary of State for four years is the daughter of founding members of the Muslim Brotherhood and is closely associated with Al Quaeda have anything to do with it?

TTC said...

We finally understand the meaning of strange bedfellows.