Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pope finally explains that faith, truth and salvation is more important than feeding the poor.

You read that right.


Anonymous said...

Right...but then there's this:

TTC said...

Not sure I see the controversy. The caged thing is a bit weird but might be his way of saying the schedule of meetings with yahoos is keeping him from being with the youth.

M said...


You are a "prophetic" voice in the Church (as the loonies in my parish might say. You've been "making a mess" and "shaking things up" in our archdiocese for years! Many thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

I am very encouraged by the "make a mess" Papal Order. True Catholics now have their marching orders right from the Pope himself. He is telling us to go out the Church door and spread the Good News of Jesus. Next I hope the Pope tosses the heretics OUT that same Church door and order them to shut up.


Anonymous said...

It could be a speech straight from the French Revolution. This man is a total Marxist. One has to wonder if it is the UN he is working for, The Rockefeller Foundation, both...? At any rate, Greg Burke is certainly earning his keep.


susan said...

This leaves me baffled....a Rosary's no good (especially not if you're counting prayers), but a chotki's just fine (???)...cause it's different, and embracing different things shows our humility...(or something like that).

TTC said...

M, Thanks for your kind words. That's the way I took the Pope's words too.

I think our friends at the Chancery would give me an A for making a big mess all these years!

TTC said...


I hope you're wrong, but truth be told I can't say we can rule it out. Up until this statement, it sure has been sounding like a duck!

We shall see.

TTC said...


Strange indeed.

This sure contradicts his purported aversion to counting prayers. Maybe it was a translation issue. LOL.

If he builds an enneagram at St. Peter's or goes to a reiki master, we are toast.

I don't have any doubts about his being Marian, so I can't figure out the chotki.