Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Is Dave Armstrong on break from the nuns on the bus tour?

Several days back, I reported that Al Kresta's producer sent me a nastygram saying the following:

Now that you have publicly stated that “I like Al Kresta and all - but he DOES coverup corruption by refusing to report the corruption” I’d like for you to point out instances of where the program has covered up corruption.

I explained to him that one cannot prove a negative but to review his archives and if a list of programs Al has done on episcopal corruption turns out to be bupkis, there is his evidence.

But then I thought it would be a good idea to offer him the opportunity to help Catholic's upset Bishop Soto's idea of resolving a priest who is giving sexual sadomasochist lessons as telling him to do it off of diocesan property.

He wrote back telling me maybe I ought to read Dave Armstrong and it will help me out.

Dave Armstrong?

Isn't he on tour with the nuns on the bus?

What could I possibly learn from a guy who is an "apologist" for Communion in the hand? We are not made from the same cloth. I didn't realize Al Kresta got his pearls of wisdom from that trough.

Since I hadn't read him for the last ten years, out of curiosity, I googled Dave Armstrong. Wow. There's a lot going on there.

Anyhoo, I don' think Al Kresta is interested in helping expose Bishop Soto's unacceptable resolution.

We all know the reasons why.


Dave Armstrong said...

Steve Dalton said...

Dave Armstrong main claim to fame these days is the ridiculous attacks he does on people who have disagreed with him. Foo, he even recycles arguments from years ago because he has no real new material. And he's had it in for Voris ever since Mike showed why Amazing Grace should not be sung in a Catholic Church. How that Voris drew a line in the sand on tonight's Mic'D up, Armstrong will increase his attacks on MV, because he's affiliated with Catholic Answers. Well, I think the "respectable" Catholic media folks have seen the end of their glory days. Mike will have a long, hard road to slog, but he will come out a winner in the end, and people will be saying "Dave who?" in the future.

TTC said...

Dave, put a sick in it.

I know exactly why you don't put this energy into being critical of a bishop who thinks its okay to subcontract abortionists and give the babies a free ride to be executed.

I also know the reason why you concentrate your efforts to unload your venom on Catholics who have the selflessness to demand justice for the victims of the lavender mafia in the usccb.

Your actions are reprehensible.

Grow up.

TTC said...

As God is my witness, I had no idea the guy was even still active. Slandering righteous and just Catholics is a vehicle to entertain the Catholic lemmings in blogosphere and pump up blog stats.

Lynne said...

"Slandering righteous and just Catholics is a vehicle to entertain the Catholic lemmings in blogosphere and pump up blog stats."

Dave, Mark and Dwight. 3 peas in a pod.

FideiJay said...

One need only to look at his "Me, Me, Me" page to understand his "apologetics." I've never met an apologist who humbly served and created a page detailing his expertise. It is God, not the apologist, who does the work.

susan said...

He's affiliated with CA??? IS that for real?

Steve Dalton said...

Carol, why isn't Davey boy critical of that bishop and why is he unloading his venom on Catholics who demand justice for the victims of the lavender mafia in the USCCB? Inquiring minds want to know!

Steve Dalton said...

Susan, of course he's affiliated with CA! Great minds work together! LOL!

Catechist Kev said...

On an interesting note Dave and M.V. have agreed to meet next Tuesday. :^)

See this news over at Dr. Jay Boyd's blog:


susan said...

And BTW, just got done viewing this and it is FANTASTIC!

A MUST SEE...long, but worth it.

susan said...

BTW, if you can't watch the whole thing, just jump in after the 48:00 min.'s Voris giving his history and the crucible his apostolate has been put is fascinating, eyeopening, and absolutely stomach-turning. I'm making another donation to St. Michael's Media today.

Anonymous said...

"Dave, Mark and Dwight. 3 peas in a pod."