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Tradition vs. Traditionalism? (The Latin Mass isn't holy, it's just old?)

Anyone see this?

Anthony does a decent job articulating flaw of SSPX and sedevacanists. They lose sight of Christ's authority to the Apostles to bind and unbind teaching.

The brilliance of the delegation of authority to Apostles and their successors to bind and unbind Catholics to teaching escapes most.

There was and never will be a declaration of the Magisterium of Christ's Church that any of us ever have to worry is an error. So long as we submit ourselves to it, whether we understand it or we don't, whether we like it or we don't, we are pleasing Christ, have access to Sacramental Grace through the Sacraments and we're following the path to salvation and spending our eternity with our Beloved in Heaven, so long as we surrender to the authority of Magisterial substance.

I've watched the sedevacanist-minded folks and have observed two afflictions that blind them to the above: they have personalities that suffer from despair and pride. It can be a lethal combination.

Few who contemplate jumping off of the ship to SSPX and the like are ignorant of Church teaching.

Most, if not all, have encountered the see of priests and bishops who have abandoned their duties to become a fundraiser or celebrity. They have watched these men misinform and mislead their children, grandchildren, relatives, friends and community.

Most, like me, were probably misled themselves and trudged through years of the consequences of sin: the fruit wrong judgment. To the relief of their guardian angel, something or somebody woke them up. Upon their return to Christ's Church, found the barnum and bailey circus.

What was being taught and done was so absurd, they ran educate themselves on what went down. What happened. What the teachings were and are, what happened to their Sacred Liturgy.

I remember watching the bleep shows in nearly every parish and reaching a point where I simply could not tolerate it. Sedevacanists surrounded and flooded me with their assertions.

Against the beauty and simplicity of Christ's delegation of teaching authority to His Apostles, their theories fall apart.

I take great issue with Anthony's caricature of the TLM community. He has fallen into the trap of using the word 'traditionalist' to paint the entire TLM Community.

I also take great exception to his caricature that the evidence that the Catholic media covers up for the corruption of priests and bishops is flimsy.

Most importantly, I am offended by (disgusted might be a better word) Anthony's assertion that the Latin Mass isn't holy, it's just old.

The TLM community is just an unholy alliance with vernacular?

I am not feeling rational enough to articulate my disgust in the assault upon this Sacred Liturgy. My frustration with these folks needs the Sacraments.

My Jesus help me.

Nearly all of the people I know who attend the Latin Mass have done so because they want to hear the actual teachings of the Church in a homily - how Sacred Scripture tells us the story of how to apply Church teaching to our lives in personal temptation or through evangelizing against the demoralization of the government (Gog) and culture (Magog).

People who attend the Latin Mass are the refugees of Catholics who PRAY the Canon with the priest. They actually understand what is happening in front of them mystically and they mystically enter into the prayers. They have found the asinine liturgical innovations and the circus of clowns impossible to retain the concentration it takes to enter into the Mystical prayer of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

They are not going to Mass for religious entertainment.

They are not going to Mass to boost their self-esteem.

They are going to Mass to literally make physical and intimate contact with the Divinity of Christ because that intimate union feeds their intellect with the properties of Divinity contained in the Eucharist.

They don't want those moments challenged, interrupted, diluted by the post-menopausal women stampeding the Sanctuary for their hour of American Catholics Have Talent competitions in every parish across their diocese.

They are scandalized by the bishop who hand picks his staff from the lavender mafia and estrogen-free women and then pretends the execution of his own agenda by them has nothing to do with him.

They are tired of corruption, the lies, the bishops use of public relations people to cover up his own ineptitude and misfeasance, the bishop's use of blogs and Catholic publications to publish his lies and talking points. (That's the current dust up - Catholic journalists are involved by omission or commission. There is ten years of irrefutable evidence.)

Most Catholics in the TLM are just quietly seeking refuge and raising their family in a place where they are evangelized with tools of sanctification. With very little exception, the Novus Ordo completely deprives Catholics of these tools. Priests who are sanctifying souls are maliciously undermined and thwarted by the bishop and his lavender mafia staff.

There are many Catholics like myself, who stayed in the Novus Ordo community and we did so to speak out against the victims of spiritual misfeasance and malfeasance in the NO community.

We expose what is happening.

We make the phone calls to the Chancery.

We notify and appeal to the Nuncio and then onto the Holy See.

Through these actions over the last ten years, the Holy See was able to identify the corrupt within the Walls of St. Peter's Square.

We have overthrown it the highest levels.

You see the train wreck at the Vatican?

We are the people who hijacked the train and drove it into the brick wall.

It has been done before by Saints. Consequently, the assertions of the patheols and katholic answers crowd, the Sheas and Keatings and Longeneckers and Armstrongs, do not conflate with tradition.

Get it?

Knock it off.

Stop trying to paint the TLM community using words like 'tradition' or 'traditionists' to make them look like the lunatic fringe.

Stop trying to paint people who are sick and tired of the corruption in their parish and Chancery as people doing a disservice to the Church.

We are approaching a time in history wherein the ethics of making money in Catholic journalism is a treacherous path. There is omission and commission. One can admit it and continue to work in the field doing what they can to evangelize and change.

But there is an exchange of money for publishing the bishops talking points - or not publishing them.

Whether you like it or lump it, there are ethics involved and what the Longeneckers and Sheas and Armstrongs and Keatings are doing is reprehensible.

If you can't be a man, at least have the decency to sit down and shut up while other men step forward.

O glorious St. Joseph, you were chosen by God to be the foster father of Jesus, the most pure spouse of Mary ever Virgin, and the head of the holy family. You have been chosen by Christ's Vicar as the heavenly patron and protector of the Church founded by Christ. Therefore it is with great confidence that I implore your powerful assistance for the whole Church on earth. Protect in a special manner, with true fatherly love, the Pope and all bishops and priests in communion with the See of Peter. Be the protector of all who labor for souls amid the trials and tribulations of this life, and grant that all peoples of the world may follow Christ and the Church He founded.

Patron of the Universal Church, pray for us.

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