Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Work on conversion? Nonsense Poopypants, says Pope.

Allllllllllrrrrrrrrrrrrrrighty then!

Since Thursday's Gospel contradicts his shtick, I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to hear his homily.

Whatever town you enter and they welcome you,
eat what is set before you,
cure the sick in it and say to them,
‘The Kingdom of God is at hand for you.’
Whatever town you enter and they do not receive you,
go out into the streets and say,
‘The dust of your town that clings to our feet,
even that we shake off against you.’
Yet know this: the Kingdom of God is at hand.
I tell you,
it will be more tolerable for Sodom on that day than for that town.”

Keep your fingers crossed we don't hear that Jesus Himself was not as humble as he is.

God help this poor creature. There is almost something autistic about his uncensored flights of thought, which I still say are being taken out of context.

I got a boot out of this one.

explained his affinity for his namesake St. Francis and described how he was "invaded by anxiety" after he was elected, but then excused himself from the Sistine Chapel, closed his eyes and was filled with a light that enabled him to accept the job.

And now, every time he opens his mouth, the rest of us are invaded with anxiety!

In the latest leprosy of the piehole, he said the greatest evil in this world is...drumroll....youth unemployment.

What?!! Not their messy bedrooms and stinky gym bags?

With a crackerjack crew pulling up to the trainwreck at the Vatican to put pen scratchings on the Constitution written by Blessed Pope John Paul II, I can't wait to see what's next.

Whooh boy, could this get ugly.

On the bright side, observing the crew assembled, I'd say eating ourselves into bigger pants will be among the reform of the reforms.


Anonymous said...

Don't you wonder why the Holy Spirit left Pope Benedict living in the back yard? Wonder, wonder, wonder.....

St. Albert said...

I have been a defender of Pope Francis on this board and elsewhere,but I've gotta confess that nowadays, every time I see a news item about a new interview, my reaction is "Oh, no, not again".

I know interview statements are not dogmatic proclamations from the Chair of Peter, but...

I get the feeling that I'd just like to go on a 30-day silent retreat with the Trappists, or so, and hope that it all blows over before I re-enter the world.

But that's just my fantasy. Instead, my strategy is to (1) Pray for Pope Francis; (2) Pray that the Holy Spirit will stir up His gifts for the whole Church; (3) Trust that God has got it right. Not necessarily in that order.

And when all that seems foolish to me, I consider that a sign to persevere.

Please pray to Christ for His body, the Church!

JB said...

His statement about why the Son of God became man is out and out false. He is showing signs of ignorance of basic, infallible Catholic theology, over and over. His proclamation that he is humble was truly astonishing. The only comfort I take in this train wreck is that more and more people are seeing it as exactly that.

TTC said...


His has certainly brought a train wreck to the train wreck at the Vatican. But I echo St. Albert and would add that Gid always brings fruit when the heart is sincere, and I do believe Pope Francis is sincere in his effort to dramatically shift the sound byte that our priests are perverts, the Church doesn't welcome homosexuals or immoral wimen in the same way it welcomes everyone else struggling with attraction to sin. He has certainly accomplished this miracle!

AD said...

I only just found this blog; thought I was the only one with these feelings and wondered what was wrong with me!! Thank you thank you thank you!

Anonymous said...

I go along with Fr Z in believing there are some serious translation problems in what we are reading -- and that the secular press is eager to put the "best"possible spin on Pope Francis' words.

That said, he ought to stop giving interviews for a while. He's being misunderstood.


JB said...

TTC you may be right and I suppose time will tell how many people afflicted with those particular problems will come back to the Church, and repent. I just can't get over some of his comments as they relate to basic theology. They really alarm me. "Jesus has saved you." That is protestant fundamentally, it was not a mistranslation, and it would serve to drive people AWAY from the Church. If we're all saved, why bother with the Church, with Francis? I have other stuff to do. "Jesus incarnated himself in the souls of men to instill a sense of brotherhood," or something to that effect. Again, totally off the wall, and wrong. "We each have our own sense of right and wrong," descending into subjectivism in a big way. The list goes on. The ridicule of single people.

I need a break from him and I miss JP 2 badly at this point. Do we remember him bellowing out in that tremendous voice "Follow Christ!"

Anonymous said...

I am shocked and saddened by your comments about the Holy Father. I think if you will let go of your american mindset you might see that He is not always looking at Ameerican life when he talks. If you look at Africa, South AMerican, India, the Middle East, Phillipines etc. there are hundreds of millions living in dire poverty. I have been to Africa, South AMerica and Mexico and it is unbelievable how the majority of the people live. that's why they are trying to come here. Abortion, gay marriage, contraception are hardly a bilip on the radar in those countries. We are talking a different universe almost from here in the West. The Holy is looking at those desporate situations which usually result in extremism and violence. Jesus and St. Paul said Love is the main ingredient, and we will be judged by it on the last day. Context is important. He was talking to an atheist at his level.(where he was at) Jesus too upset the religious in his day. They followed the letter of the law but not the spirit of it. God Bless

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Anon of 8:58, just what does proclamation of the Deposit of Faith in clear and unambiguous language have to do with an "american mindset"? By the way - you sound a lot like "Papa Alex" on my blog.

I got a sudden brainstorm! Let's see if we can dig out old videos of Jesse Jackson chanting "Hey-hey! Ho-ho! Western culture's gotta go!" Seems that old boogey-man is being resurrected here.

TTC said...

It appears that you and the Holy Father are focused on what is in people's wallets.

What I and others are focused on is the substance of the soul, his duty to ensure that the intellect of all Catholics have the right information and tools to make the right choices for the salvation of their souls.

Pope Francis mindset needs to adjust from the head of a social service agency worrying about what is in everyone's wallets to the head of the Institution that is charged with feeding souls the substance in the Catechism.

This isn't an American mindset, it is the mindset of a Catholic.

TTC said...

N B context is important. If the Pope wanted to talk to the atheist, he holds a private meeting with him. When a Pope sends something to a newspaper to be published or speaks openly in a public forum where his remarks can be recorded and published, he is speaking to the whole world.

The vocation of a Pope is to live in a fishbowl, where even a conversation with an immoral woman sitting by a well has the potential to be recorded into history. You will not find any encounter of Christ where He is concerning Himself and His Apostles about what is in the refrigerators of the villages.

He is off of the reservation.

Anonymous said...

The abortion murder of 1 billion people - just during the 20th century alone -is probably not a blip on the radar of many people - but i bet it is a BIG blip on the radar of God.

We all have the poor on our radar thank you very much.

I suggest we fast for the poor (and for our health) by stop eating all meat, fish and dairy forever - the meat/dairy industry of the USA alone uses enough grain to fatten animals that would feed 7 billion people per year. I do not eat meat, fish or dairy so don't blame me for USA Farm Harvest going to feed the swine instead of to the starving children.

The TRUTH will set us free