Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cardinal O'Malley Fracturing the Latin Rite Community?

Boston Catholic Insider has an eloquent recitation of facts on another "pastoral" kick in the pants to faithful Catholic families who have escaped the madness and sought refuge in our Latin Rite.

I had to calm down before I wrote about it.

I wouldn't say my disgust has been tempered but this is as calm as I'm going to get about this subject matter.

When you read the story, pay close attention to how Fr. Higgins was treated by the Cardinal's...I was about to say henchmen... but executioners is a better word for it.

This is a parish with a unique character,just like the parishes the Cardinal has built around the nationality of a particular community. The Cardinal takes great pains to preserve the inculturation of parish communities--except when it comes to whitey fleeing from the heresy and sophomoric antics in the Sacred Liturgy in suburbia.

Imagine a pastor pleading to retain the culture of Cape Verdian community intact being treated this way?

The Cardinal would be too afraid the thoughtless dissolution and crude treatment would be exposed in the Boston Globe as bigotry.

Cardinal O'Malley's treatment of TLM community has been a consistent pattern of obfuscation and fracturing.

Clapping fornication liturgies are in vogue in his administration. Those reminding him of the ramifications to souls - taking their families and fleeing from it are not in good favor.

I think I've finally figured out why.

TLM community are completely focused on being pleasing to God and not the wizards in a Chancery. The wizards are not accustomed to being snubbed, even for God. They don't like it.

They have the pins for people who make judgment calls that inform consciences what's being doesn't rise to the level of the worthiness of God.

It then becomes obvious and public that their fruit has been tested and found an unworthy offering to the Divinity of God.

To boost self-esteem, they rob God of the comfort of His elect.

Might want to check the Laws from Moses. I think there is a Commandment about that.

Get over yourselves and leave these people intact with their pastor.

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Theresa said...

Glad your back Carol....Congrats on the blessed event to come in May( the month of Our Lady!!! ). As to this situation with the TLM....not shocked. We travel many Sundays to Newton from Wakefield, although we have a TLM at St Adelaides in W Peabody.Both are a great gift!! but Mary Immaculate of Lourdes is something to be experienced! God Bless dear Fr Higgins....I hope they don`t ship him off to parts unknown.