Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pope Francis Apostolic Exhortation

Reading media reports about what Pope Francis said has become quite entertaining. Almost as entertaining as the hysteria that follows the media reports.

Here's what I read on the exhortation in a nutshell:

  • Pope Francis said a free society of hard working successful people who employ and give money to the poor leaves the poor empty handed.
  • Unfaithful and uncatechized women should be helping the Pope, bishops and priests formulate doctrine.
  • Pope Francis is a pure Marxist

Here's an excellent analysis of The Joy of the Gospel.

Unfettered consumerism is good food for thought, especially during Christmas.

I've been struggling with purchasing Christmas gifts this year. The hype and exploitation of merchants who want us to spend money in their stores but won't say Merry Christmas to us has been bothering me for a long time. Each year I cut back. This year, with more merchants opening on Thanksgiving forcing employees to lose their family time on this precious day and the "Black Friday" insanity really has me wanting to cut it completely out and just celebrate it as the religious holiday it is.

That all being said, writings about pooling resources that can be taken out of context to imply we should move towards communism, at this time in history, is a dangerous practice.

It's probably also a good practice for us to wait until rational folks correctly interpret what Pope Francis says and does. Fr. Z has it going on. Before jumping off of the cliff, tune in.

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