Saturday, November 23, 2013

Interesting Article on Removal of Scalfari Interview

"It was removed," Fr. Lombardi explained, "to clarify the nature of that text. There were some misunderstandings and disagreements about its value."

You said it brother.

Speaking to Marchetto:

You have demonstrated this love [of the Church] in many ways, including by correcting an error or imprecision on my part - and for this I thank you from my heart - but above all it has been manifested in all its purity in your studies of Vatican Council II. I have said this to you once, dear Archbishop Marchetto, and I want to repeat it today, that I consider you the best hermeneut of the Vatican Council II."

Sandro points out another troubling citation from the interview that are worthy of noting:

But if one rereads the succinct passage that Francis dedicates to Vatican II in the interview with "La Civiltà Cattolica," one gets a different impression. "Yes, there are hermeneutical lines of continuity and of discontinuity," the pope concedes. "Nonetheless," he adds, "one thing is clear”: Vatican II was "a service to the people" consisting in "a reinterpretation of the Gospel in the light of contemporary culture."

Again, the Pope's vocabulary and syntax leaves one to conclude that the Pope thinks that the Church's service to the people is to reinterpret the Gospel to adopt the tenets of the culture of sin and death to create the homey feeling of affirming their transgressions against God.

But this is not how a family works. The role of the father (and mother) gives their children the tools to discern the difference between right actions and wrong actions, when to feel remorse over their actions and when to be pleased.

When a parent or a priest or a bishop or a Pope reinterprets the Gospel to train their children to be pleased or take pride in their sinful nature - they subvert sanctifying grace by reprogramming the intellect to conflate right actions from wrong actions. Depending upon the genetics, IQ, maturity, formation of emotions - the consequences of that training can be spiritually and physically lethal to themselves and others.

This is not the mission of the Church. Those who carry out this 'service' are doing the work of the father of lies.

Consequently, when we hear the Pope choosing syntax and words from the Woodstock generation thesaurus, we raise concern because we are experiencing the consequences of this exact distortion of the mission of the Church. We have requested relief from this distortion for 50 years. We've had enough of it. His job is to teach, sanctify and govern the Church in accordance with Her mission and to remove and obstruct the work of the devil.

My guess is that he was trying to say, sometimes the culture has such a grip on the intellects of the masses that one must reduce teaching to pablum. Christ often reduced something to a ditty, hoping to get His point across to some lost soul. The Apostles were dumbfounded and expressed their frustration and confusion. Christ told them that in some situations, the people are incapable of processing a teaching.

The drugs and immorality of the 60s created such a culture and the dumbing down of Church teaching was a service to the people.

But the intentions of Vatican II have been perverted. Those of us who somehow managed to survive intact are not going to feed at the trough. We are not bringing our children and grandchildren to feed at that trough. He best be getting a new thesaurus or the fractures of Christ's elite army will pick up the pace.

Leaving the Mystical Body of Christ is impossible for me. My instincts are exactly the opposite. The more It is bruised and battered, the closer I get. But I am not foolish enough to sit in the pews of a priest that is misleading the flock. When something is said that is inconsistent with Christ's Mystical Body, I have the duty to my children and grandchildren, my friends, family, people I love, to explain to them how and why they need to reject what is said and done. Even in the sad situation when a Pope says something that contradicts Church teaching - or it's public interpretation does.

I really love this Pope's love. I love his witness of Christ's love. I love his humility. His in and trospection.

We have a father who wants to lead and unify his family.

Please. The 60s are over and they're not coming back. The Romans have a lot wrong but their syntax, vocabulary and respect for what is Holy is right on the money. You are not a Jesuit. You are not simply the Bishop of Rome. You are now the Pope. Our traditions do are not yours to ridicule and abolish. You are the custodian of what belongs to the heirs of Christ. Preserve and evangelize our teachings. Do not add or subtract from them. At the end of your reign you hand them off to you successor. Tighten up the antics in the Liturgy. Your conduct should be consistent with standing in the Praetorium and Golgotha because you are. No beach balls and balloons in our Sanctuary. Bend your knee at Transubstantiation. Worthy is the Lamb.

This is what we're talking about!.


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Carol, I assume you heard about Frank Kelly's auto accident. There are updates at his new website,


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